Thursday, December 29, 2005

carlsbad caverns(psych)

so my buddy matt(not to be confused with kelly mast) asked me years ago to do this dream blog thing, but i had big plans of success and grandure, so i was like "uhh, talk to the hand, i guess." but then i hit it big, so now i got nothing else to do and he asked me a gain and here we are. anyway this is a dream from a long time ago, but i'll pretend that it happened last night.

so last night i had this dream that these fed ex dudes were taking me to town. that is to say they were beating me up. it was like 5 on one and they were just standing there kicking the crap outta me. using their heavy packages to really ruff me up good. believe me, i thought i was a gonner, but then all of a sudden, out of nowhere come the boys in brown, thats right like 5 U.P.S. dudes came rushing in there and started wooping sorry fed ex tail. i was very grateful to say the least, then they stole the fed ex chumps packages, then i woke up. hooray.
thats the first dream, there will be many more to come(maybe).

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sales Counter Encounter

Last night I had one of those dreams that flashes around to different scenes and situations.

From what I remember, I started out being chased around by something I couldn't see. And surprise, surprise, I couldn't run fast... I hate that. There were other people and animals running frantically from it, too, but nobody could see it. And people were rioting... I turned to look back at what I was running from once and saw a group of men, some of whom riding in the back of a pickup truck with semi-automatic weapons, run down this guy and kill him for no good reason. I remember thinking that now I had to look out for guys in pickup trucks, in addition to the invisible evil I was running from. I was mad at them, though, and looped around this building to try to head them off and do something drastic. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Then all of a sudden I was an Indiana Pacer, and we were in the locker room after a game. My locker was right next to Jermaine O'Neal's. He got dressed, and said that now he had to go to work. I figured he had a more important basketball game to go play or something, but he walked about 10 steps, and there appeared a little convenience store, attached to the locker room. He went & sat behind the counter, looking pissed that he had to be there. I saw that his locker was open, and since I must've been pressed for funds myself, I grabbed a bar of soap out of his locker and tried to return it to the convenience store. He just looked at me like, "Are you kidding me?" I guess the Pacers were having a bad year.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Notes 'bout Recent Dreams

Last five nights, five dreams. Yikes. Two are already written in stone on here. The others are relatively lame 'cept one. Lame ones first bad-a one last.

1. Last night involved a walk downtown at night. There was a guy who was homeless and really skinny and kinda old who would always try to be my friend when I would walk and stop to talk to him. But then he would always try to hurt me. Like throw punches or something, but I would never get mad. One time I was walking my some old lady friend's house and he was there with a handgun and sock cap. We started chatting and then he pointed the gun at me to shoot me. I did a sweet Jackie Chan move and grabbed the gun and pulled the "top" off so he couldn't fire it. He just leaned back against the house while the lady who lived in the house gave him a talking to.

2. Amanda's sister and brother in-law bought Professor Lee's house outside of Huntington. (My family used to go over there every week for 4th through 8th grade). Except it was totally crappy. All the walls were just concrete block and the roof was a poorly set up tarp. The floor was wet and just crappy and the whole yard was horrible. I was mad at them because they bought the house for a lot of cash, and got ripped off and they are in real-life not well-off financially with two little girls who now have to live in a crappy swamp.

Alright here's the top dream besides the bull/kitten one.
Amanda's three year old niece was a teenager and we were going to visit her. To get there we had to appear in a shrub/3-4 foot tall bush in their back yard. Brayden (the niece) was one of those depressed teens and her mom was Abby Acres(Myers) and her dad was Mike Golic from ESPN radio. Yeah radio. They took us into their house and showed us around and introduced us to Bob Golic, Mike's brother, who we'd be staying with. This place was like a huge huge hotel suite with like 4 rooms with all grey walls with nothing on them. The place was really odd but also felt kind of normal. Then Brayden and parents had to leave for something so we watched them disappear into the bush in the backyard. We went back inside to hang out with Bob who had started digging/piling black bricks from the floor in the middle of the hallway, really black bricks. The floor was made out of black bricks. Black Bricks. It's a sign. I asked him if he needed any help, he said he was fine, he could manage alone we were guests. We found out they were charging us to stay there, too.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bull S#!%...Cat S#!%?

The beginning is a bit cloudy. I feel like I was driving (riding) in a car through barren lands with only brown dirt and no grass anywhere. We drove through many towns and over many railroad tracks, all the towns had small metal silos. Then my family either dropped me off or I was instantly on this median under an overpass with tall grass and a weeping willow. (I've been there many times in dreams just standing with no cars anywhere). Anyway I was with some old man in a white suit like Colonel Sanders'. We walked down a dirt road to a town with farms and factories and the old man all of sudden turned into a young teen who loved to cause mischief in the back of huge factories. Apparently he was like a "bull-escaper" not a bull fighter just a guy who would let really rabid pissed off bulls loose just to chase him and he would just dodge them and stuff like a rodeo clown, very dangerous but I guess it was his profession.

The worst part is that he had a list of all the bulls in town and what addresses they lived at. There were different levels of bull toughness too. Some were "monster" and there were also other categories like "wimpy". Well, he had brought me along to videotape him while he did it. Which meant I had to escape the bull also while filming him. He kindof turned into different people during this time. We went to this place with a small courtyard and he looked at the door number and this bull was higher on the rowdy scale and he opened the door and it ran out and was chasing him. I was filming and he was getting really close to dying and then the bull would come after me, but I was dodging without looking at the bull b/c I still had to film this white suit cowboy. Apparently, I was really good at it because people were complimenting me and the white suit kid hired me full time.

So we go to this abandoned milk farm/factory for the next bull and the door is about to be opened. I feel really uneasy about this bull before we open the door b/c there's not much open area to get away. So genius opens the door and this boar sized bull runs out as fast as hell. He's all over but he's too small to do much damage. The bull runs around really fast for like 5 minutes and then gets hurt or something and falls on some board and starts to shrivel. I yell at the cowboy guy because he totally hurt this poor thing. It shrivels down and turns into a kitten. "Man, we've gotta do something, I think it's dying." I said.
"Naw, it'll be alright. Just wait." he said.
So the bull/kitten starts to shake and bleed a tiny bit through it's fur and dies. I'm so pissed at this guy I want to cuss. I look down at his list and this "bull" is one of the lowest ranked. It's on the practice list and he killed it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Meanings? Maybe.

Alright so on our links there is a jjreem interp which is dream interpretations. It's kinda weak but interesting. Here are some notes on some of the Dream Teams recent dreams.

Matt's tons of water dreams lately. (Some not posted)
To see water in your dream, symbolizes your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment. To dream that water is boiling, suggests that you are expressing some emotional turmoil. It also may mean that feelings from your unconscious are surfacing and ready to be acknowledged.

To dream that water is rising up in your house, signifies your struggles and overwhelming emotions.

Dusty's Deals
To dream that you are being served by a waiter, signifies that you will be involved in many social gatherings involving friends or loved ones.

To dream of an angry, slovenly waiter, signifies a disruption and intrusion of offensive people into your life.

Elden's "Water Bed"
To dream that you are drowning, signifies that you are overwhelmed by emotions or repressed issues that is coming back to haunt you. You may be proceeding too quickly in trying to discover your unconscious thoughts. If you drown to death, your relationship will fail or you will suffer major business losses. If your survive the drowning, then your relationship will be rescued by some intervention. You will rise to a higher position of wealth and honor.

Mark, you gotta show up sooner or later.

Andy's scared in the hotel bathroom by the monster
To dream that you are in the bathroom, relates to your instinctual urges. You may be experiencing some burdens/feelings and need to "relieve yourself". Alternatively, it may symbolize purification and self-renewal. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically.

To dream that you are in a public restroom with no stalls, signifies your frustrations about getting enough privacy. It may also indicate that you are having difficulties letting go of old emotions. If you reveal these feelings, you are afraid that others around you will judge and criticize you.
To dream that you can not find the bathroom, signifies that you are have difficulties in releasing and expressing your emotions.

Check it out.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crazy Jamaica Trip...almost

Ok, pay attention, because this one was so weird it actually motivated me to join your amazing blog!

It starts off that I am on an airplane that lands on the street I grew up on. Ryan Darr is piloting the flight, who is the current student body prez at HC. Then I go to the house I lived in as a kid when Norrie comes by in his car to ask me if I want to go to Jamaica for a Mission trip for 2 days. I say yes, but apparently he just waits for me to pack. Somehow it took me many hours to pack for the two day mission trip and by the time we arrive at the airport to fly to Jamaica we are late, but still decide to eat at this nice sit down restaurant at the airport. Anyway, some guy joined us that I never figured out who he was but we talked to him like we were all friends. Then the waitress was apparently really bad and I told her she was the worst waitress ever. Then we went to pay and I gave the manager my Debit card and told him how bad his wait staff was. At this he grew angry and took my card and left the restaurant. Then I started a yelling battle with the whole wait staff which had us yelling at each other all through the airport. Sometime during this Norrie disappeared and I discovered that I was wearing the warm up basketball pants I got when I was the manager for the B-ball team. Ok, but then I went back to the restaurant to get my debit card again and got in to it with several more waiters and waitresses, but I could never find the manager who took my card.

Finally, I end up sitting at a table with a waitress and we start talking really seriously about what all happened that looked like the scene from Magnolia where the cop is talking to the coke addicted lady. While I was explaining to her what made her so terrible, and that I really loved her so she should help me get my card back, I woke up...Totally unresolved...No Norrie, Darr, Jamaica or a debit card...but I loved wearing those pants!

Hope my first entry was worth it!


Bejesus Frees Us from Drowning

I dreamt last night that i was looking down on myself sleeping... and then all of a sudden my point of view jolted back into the 1st person, so I was back inside myself. Right when that happened, my bed turned into a huge body of water that was filled with huge rats, and I started to sink into it. It was almost like the momentum of my point of view plunged me into the water when it jolted back into me, as if it was a tangible thing that landed on top of me. I felt like I had fallen into a pool with the solar cover on it... I was getting all tangled up in the rats.

I don't remember much more than that, but I do remember jumping the frick out of bed so frantically that I hurt my wife in the process. She said I stood up, was breathing heavily and mumbling really fast about something. Probably about how I was going to find the bastard that sold me the stupid rat-ocean bed.

National Lampoons Flood School

So I was about 8 or 9 yrs old and went to school with kids in like Huck Finn's time period in the country. We went on a field trip to a huge southern mansion/school to take a tour. There were kids in their little clubs and everything in my class. We were taking a tour from the owner of the place who had a Rollie Fingers-style moustache. He was like the Monopoly guy mixed with Snively Whiplash from Bullwinkle. He was very nice. We were going through all the rooms and exploring the house and stuff, and all of a sudden water start coming into the bottom floor. A huge wave was just passin' through, I guess. So we all ran up the stairs and there was like 6 feet of water in the house. For some reason everyone was having a huge panic attack, probably because we were 8 years old. But it was like the water couldn't be touched and everyone was frightened. So I had to calm everyone down, even the Rollie fingers tourguide. It was rather odd.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hot Tubs to Hot Subs

I was in a large group of people in bathing suits in a wooden 6 story cabin with tons of hot tubs. Amanda's family, some friends, and some pro athletes were in our group and we were to test out the hot tubs. Amanda's 3 year old niece was in the first floor one with some other lil' kids and everyone else found their own on the top floors. My group ended up being Amanda, me, Lawrence Taylor and Bernie Kosar in one hot tub. Then I got scared that the water was too hot for Amanda's niece and ran down to the first floor scared she was burnt up. Not true, she was fine but our groups time was over. Everyone lined up at the door and our group went out to the lobby while a new group came into the sauna hot tub room.

In the lobby, we were all drying off and snackin on stuff from Markle Pool when George W. and two of his "right hand men" came to greet us. It was Bush but he looked like Bill Clinton mixed with Principal Skinner. But we all knew it was Bush. I got to talk to him and his cronies and ripped him soooo bad about all the stuff I don't like about him and he got uncomfortable and walked off so I kept talking with the two buddies of his. Then I got sent to a different room than everyone else.

Then I was on an aircraft carrier full of people sailing into the desert. In my dream it was Tunisia but it was an Arabian desert everywhere. Yep, I had pushed W's buttons and went and got the desert. But where we walked off the boat, there were miles of people cheering in two parallel lines and people running down the "tunnel" they were making. We went to look and someone grabbed me who was running and I started to running holding this man's hand who looked and was dressed like a typical middle eastern conservative man, with a robe and headdress and all that. It was my dad. He was like run, it's a celebration! I was like what the frick. So I said, "but they'll find out that I'm not Arab." He said, "it's okay, you're with me." So we ran sooo fast and hard but didn't get tired and when we came to the end of the lines of cheering people we were in New York, and not even out of breath. I asked my dad how far we had run and he said four miles.
The end.

Monday, November 21, 2005

War.... What is it good for?

Last night I entered this back-alley door that was supposed to lead to a speakeasy-type bar... a low-key place to relax. What I got instead was transported to the streets of this war-torn neighborhood, populated solely by teenagers. I immediately found myself in the company of 3 other guys who were in the same position as me -- out of place in a war they had nothing to do with... One of them was Deebo from the "Friday" movies. We had to build our own weapons & bombs from debris we found on the street, and we stashed them under a manhole cover so the stupid kids wouldn't find them & hurt themselves.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Follow the white light

Finally I had a dream I can remember.... it's been a while. For some reason, I have a lot of dreams where I'm getting chased by someone who wants me dead, and last night was no exception.

The only part I remember is this friggin' mob guy who's trying to kill me, and I'm running for my life. And every time, in every dream I have.... I run into the same house -- this huge, green, cavernous house out in the woods. It's got all these rooms & twists & turns, and I can run and run and whoever is chasing me can never catch me. And I always get to this one doorway that leads out to the backside of the house, and there's a huge long bridge that leads from the back door to the other side of this deep, dark canyon... and there's a city at the bottom of the canyon. It's always nighttime when I go outside the backdoor, so you can see all the city lights below, and on the other side of the canyon where the bridge leads, there's a super-bright, white light that just beams brighter than anything I've ever seen. And I always catch myself looking too long & realizing that the guy's still after me.... but I always wake up before I can cross the bridge. I wonder if I'd die for real if I made it to the other side and went into the light...? That would be a mind-bender.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Talk to your kids about drug abuse

So I was in college and it was like the last few days before graduation at Huntington and all my friends were have "get-togethers" before everyone left. I was at one with some weird combination of dudes, Joe Gaff, Jonny Rice, Jake Sikora, Blake Mollenkopf, Janine Senanayake, Matt Bruce, Nate Reusser, lots of people who wouldn't be together, but we and some others were having a good time. I had to leave to go back to the dorm because I forgot something pointless but it's a dream. So I went back to the dorm which was like 30 floors high and there was like a porch/balcony on everyfloor around the entire building with no railings or anything. There were no elevators so it took a long time for me to get to the top floor. When I got there it was all outside like cheap hotels and the top floor had like a courtyard of cement with windows all around to see in like a jail rec room. There were tons of guys doing crap that would happen in a dorm and not in public, and there were three little kids fighting this other little kid. They were like 10 years old or less but seriously hurting each other bad. I broke it up and asked Jonny Rice (who was everywhere that day, I guess) whose kids they were. He told me he saw their dad outside on the balcony, smoking weed with the students because he had won the nascar race that was on campus today. I sent the kids down the thirty flights of stairs with head bleeding and was furious at their dad for the care they were not receiving. I went out to the twenty or so drinkers and smokers on the balcony. They were talking about the 15 million dollar race that this guy had won and I asked loudly to everyone, "Who's the guy who won the race today?" One man braggingly raised his hand between his little joint puffs. I walked up to him and continued to "chew him out" for his treatment of his kids while he was getting high with 20 year olds. I was so mad that everyone else cleared off the balcony in discomfort and awkwardness. Instead of this man getting mad back at me, he became very pitiful looking, as if he knew he was the worst person ever and looked depressed to the point of suicidal. I went to the room and grabbed a bunch of broccoli and brought it back and threw it in his face like it was weed and said "Why don't you use your 15 million and buy a house where you can smoke weed while your kids are at school, you fuckin' loser."
I then walked down all the stairs and realized the kids were gone and the party with the funny group was over and everyone had left school and this guy maybe felt bad enough to jump from the building. Then I woke up.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ain't got time for dreamin'

Except for this one from last night:
On vacation with my family at this boring festival. Went back to hotel room, but realized I didn't have a key or know where our room was. Lots of people playing poker in these dorm room type lobbies.
Went to this summer camp/public park type bathroom with this "medicine cabinet" that had weird bloody razor blades in it. We were warned about this serial killer/monster who sure enough stormed into the bathroom. He was a dirty, skinny, dark-skinned teenager with a wild expression and no clothes. We yelled at him and I kicked the door at him til he went away.
Then I went to another safer-looking bathroom/sleeping area to worn my co-workers about the maniac on the loose. But then we realized that their area was connected to this vast creepy barn area with straw and empty cow stalls so he could have been anywhere. I'm not a racist.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Football and Stuff

So I was a linebacker for the Bears. We had this big game and I was one on one with Randy Moss the whole game and stopped him from catching anything. And had a bunch of sweet tackles. We won.

Then I had another dream about something awesome but now I friggin forgot.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Others' dreams...

My co-worker Whitney dreamt that she could place a guide - a la Photoshop or InDesign - in her garage to know where to park her car. Ha! As if & if only.

#2: Jordan had an instant daydream right before bed that she was floating up through a floor in the hallway of a hospital and there was a monkey-spider (not to be confused with a spider monkey) running at her. It was dressed like a circus monkey with a little red vest and a fez. It had one monkey leg but the others were spider legs.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Plett Family Vacation

Our family decided to take a vacation to like the east coast/New England area. Stacy and I took our places in the back seat of the Astro van as usual.

As we were leaving the place we lived we drove by this two block area that I've begun having in multiple dreams. Everytime I dream about this area I only pass it accidentally when I'm trying to find it. It's like a shopping/mall of glass and silver in like downtown Chicago and there's an airport on top and also a carnival of some kind. Usually I'm looking at a map when I see it. And then realize that we just passed it and then never find it again. This time only I was looking out the window and just watched it on the way. Stacy started to talk to me about some band that I had all the cd's of and told me something about them that made me mad at her. We got to this place that we were to stay and we all went to explore. We went out to the deck in the back close to the water and we all noticed that it was sinking wherever we took a step and we were disappointed in the place even though it was fun to walk on the deck.

On Broadway

I slept for 12 straight hours on Saturday. During that time, I was transported to a dream.
I had decided to leave wherever I was from and move to New York to become a star something, artist, actor, something. I got there and moved into this place that was nasty and met up with amanda somewhere. I couldn't get a job and gradually ran out of money and had to live on the street. I was called into a meeting which I thought was an interview, but actually was a huge con-artist agency. They had been hiring people who couldn't do anything else right, pretty much. When I went for this interview it was in the middle of a courthouse with like some official seal on the ground in the middle of the floor in some mosaic pattern. There was a group of like 100 people in suits watching this from a dark area behind us. It was like I was joining a cult and they were witnesses. I was rather scared.
So my job became a rep for a design place and I would go to these people and con them into thinking the brochures and stuff were real and awesome. Not like bad design or ideas, but fake like the paper would break and the cd's didn't work. I wore a suit and at my first job they found me out to be a con. I ran out and into the street and immediately was in some dirty ratty torn clothes and Amanda and I were in the street and some cop was coming to arrest us because for some reason we just started making out on the sidewalk.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Matrices or Pericles?

There was this giant maggot/larva/bug beast that was sucking in all these smaller wormy bugs through various holes/orifices/orificium as well as these people that were around, although i didn't actually see that happen. I thought to myself how much like the Matrix it all was (now I realize that it was not at all like the Matrix). Then I was inside this fairly dark but well carpeted circular hallway/basement/stairwell that went up and up and I knew there were poisonous gases in the air on the first three floors/levels. So I made my way up many flights of stairs on my hands and knees, and then there were people doing accounting or something.
Later I was hanging out with Arcade Fire (who were made up of three or four high school-ish kids) in my great-grandma's old house (not really) and asking if they were going to buy it since they played there every time they were in that town.
I don't think they were going to.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Depot Blues

I dreampt (dreamed?) that I got transferred from the Home Depot I'm with now to a really, really ghetto Home Depot in the 'hood. It was like I got transferred from one prison to the other... I was shackled, and they led me inside and I had to go through this jungle of fans (the air-pushing kind) that were covered with little wood planks to get to the main room of the store. When I got there, it was dark & gloomy inside, like an abandoned warehouse, and all the workers -- who were all big black dudes -- were gathered around this big makeshift table, talking. My phone rang -- it was Liz -- and they all made fun of me for having a girly ringtone (I have her ringer set to "Feur Elise" so I'll recognize when she calls). Then, as they were all joking around at my expense, they left the table & went to these lockers against the wall to get dressed for the football game. Yeah, the football game. They're all getting strapped up with pads & helmets, then one of them turns around with this crazy look in his eye, and he runs up to me & plants his helmet in my forehead.

That was it.

Sorry Miss Jaxon

I really have been slipping lately with the remembering these very well. Last night I was in a country town and I was Andre 3000. Not me as him, not him as him. Tom Sawyer as him. Yeah, straw hat, short pants, raggedy shirt and all. I was running from some house down a dirt road and some goon in a trans am pulls in front of me all Dukes-of-Hazard style. Like when hockey players screech and shoot ice chips in the air except there were tons of wood chips. When he got out, I think it was someone I knew but was scared of. I ran through a stone house with no roof into a woods of dead trees with no leaves. There was bluegrass chase music playing too. I don't remember much else but taking a nap at my grandma's house.
Lame memory = blog stock plummet.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Are we cool?

I had a dream I was in the middle of the video for Gwen Stefani's song "Cool", but it was real life... and when I say "in the middle," I mean that I was the go-between for Gwen and the guy in the video. She'd go off with the guy & have her good times -- it's like sections of the video were playing out -- then she'd come back to me with all the girlie questions & ask me for advice on the guy. Boy, do I sound queer.

He ended up going & getting married to some other chick (just like in the video), and she got mad at me because my advice didn't work.

Sorry, Gwen.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Metal melding

I was driving in seperate cars with Stephen and Mark in the snow in some subdivision and we were going to have a sleepover at our subdivision home. (I've been having snowy driving dreams lately, with lots of grayish blue tints in everything.) We, my dad and I only, lived in some small home that looked like everyone else's on the street just with different tones of brown and grey to tell them apart. Mark pulled into our garage first in some black car. I pulled in behind him, the garage was a one car garage and not very deep.
I got into the garage about to the beginning of the windshield of the car I was driving and Stephen and I got out. My dad came into the garage and he was tons younger than now. Just a little older than us. He asked if we three wanted something to drink. We were like "sure, Squirt." So my dad just turns and opens a fridge full of Squirt and we start drinking them. We were waiting for the rest of the dudes to come for the sleepover when this pickup pulls into the driveway and it's Stephen/my friend Jon and a dude named Matt Lanoue, who I played basketball with in high school was driving. He slowly pulled in, and Mark, normal Stephen, and I were standing between our cars. Matt Lanoue wouldn't stop driving and slowly pushed my car into Mark's car's rear end. He started doing some evil kid hurting small animals smile through the windshield and wouldn't stop driving. We jumped up onto my hood and started yelling at him to stop. He didn't he kept slowly pushing the cars together and they started to mold and bend into some metal pool that was wrapping itself around my legs and Stephens, Mark, you somehow got out. It got higher and higher as he got further into the garage and I found myself yelling like some huge yell to endure the pain and to be strong. I didn't like that Lanoue guy, I guess.

I fell back asleep and had a dream about Amanda and I in a house where everything was bare splintery wood. We were hiding from something. Amanda heard a noise and ran into a room and I just kind of hid to the side of the door behind something like a cabinet. I started to get really really scared because as the thing got closer it started to suck random things out the front door at light speed like a black hole. When it got right to the door there was a moment like in the eye of a storm for build up and then this greenish person with no eyes and glowing and totally horrific moved across the floor of the room I was in without moving just like sliding on his feet. Kind of like stop motion. This was one of the scariest feelings I've ever had in a dream. Also when I woke up I instantly had the "Oh God, you are my God, and I will ever praise you" song in my head, and still do.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tennis players: China needs you!

We drove to China to watch a college basketball game. As we were leaving the parking lot, we saw my grandparents who just happened to be there too. My mom told us that China was in desparate need of singles tennis players to play/practice against and she thought we should stay another day to help out. I got frustrated because it was going to cost a lot of money and we were going to have to bribe officials to be allowed to do all of this. Plus I had already missed some work, and I just couldn't stand to miss any more than I had to.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Keep on down keep on down the road

I was in the visiting area at a jail, but I'm not sure if I was a prisoner or a visitor because I was alone. In another part of the room sat Diana Ross, and she wasn't looking very good nor did she look at all like Diana Ross. But she could still sing, and she did when the guard told her to "turn on the radio." Which I guess meant "sing."
Later I was the only one in the room, which had lots of crazy diagonal walls and frosted glass windows. I thought about trying to escape but instead I just posed as a janitor in the kitchen.
Then I was playing golf with my family in this snowy mountian landscape. I was trying to put vertically into this weird-shaped "cup" that was basically a gouge out of a cliff-face.
Then my parents flung my brother Dave with this biblical-style slingshot into an algae-covered creek. They did something to Mark, too, but not to me.
Maybe they felt bad because I was so horrible at mountain golf.

This is what a dream looks like.

Two points, two questions.
Point 1: I am planning on this for my next dream. Point 2: Dreamcatchers should be involved in all notable art pieces, fo sho!

Question 1: Can someone put this picture as the header for the blog page? And someone rename the blog, too. Question 2: Have you ever seen anything as cute as that puppy dressed like Pooh and sleeping with that hunny jar?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Can you throw it o'er your shoulder?

So last night I was in the Army. Not like you'd think, though... we're talking Continental, old-school type Army. Actually, come to think of it, I don't remember what color coat I had on -- blue or red... British red, I think. But it was old-school, and I was on this special team that did covert ops (with red coats on), and except for the guns, all of our equipment was high-tech & current. We got this assignment to blow up this bridge as someone important was going across it. So we maneuvered underneath it, completely undetected.... and when the motorcade came through, we blew it up & completed the mission. We emerged from underneath it completely unscathed, and had to run for our lives through this hilly field, with explosions & bullets whizzing by all around us.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I have arrived

So after a long and painful journey, I have successfully posted to this blog.
But my most recent dream was a couple of nights ago and is barely memorable.
I was sitting at this table at the non-existent house of a childhood friend, about to play some board gamerwith her and her father. Unbeknownst to them, I was actually naked, but the tablecloth hid this, so I was not ashamed. Just a little worried about being found out. Luckily, this other girl that rode my bus in 6th grade, knew my secret and discreetly pushed my HC gym bag toward me. I'm assuming it had clothes in it, but I never got to find out if I somehow snuck (?) them on.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I hate these dreams

Alright, I'm totally sick of having these dreams. Kurzen, what the frick, man? Basketball is so stupid, I thought I didn't care anymore, but maybe I do, I still have dreams. So last night, it started that I was driving in the snow and I'm me. Me right now, 25 and all that out of shape crap. I'm driving in the country and eveything is bluish and nighttime and winter and snowy. I'm near Huntington. I don't know where I'm going until I'm there and it's Platt's house. It's just about time for practices to start and I'm late this year but apparently I'm going to some team sleepover at the Coach's house. Neither Platt nor his wife are there and instead Jordan and Andy Kurzen are like "supervising" the guys who are playing for Huntington this year but are like 7 years old and playing on a little hoop in their pajamas with a foam ball. I walk in like everyone on the team should know me and say, finally, Matt's here! Like Jimmy Chitwood or something, but this doesn't happen.
I guess Kurzen knows that I think I'm gonna play this year and lovingly tries to talk me out of it before Platt gets home. This conversation makes me have a very scared feeling, because when Platt gets home he'll shoot me or something. Also, Andy has not volunteered for his position as babysitter for these tiny-toon sized ballers. He's under watch and is like a slave. I am very scared and realize that I cannot play well anymore anyway and try to get out of the house quick. The thing is I can't find the right door and the snow is getting bad to where I may not be able to drive. When I finally get outside there are helicopters like in Conspiracy Theory and I'm slipping and running and falling to my car. I take off and find that I have to live on campus again and start school over. I hate that I still deal with this subject subconsciously. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! Aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Feelin' Hothothot

So, I had this two days ago but didn't have a chance to write it until now. It started with an old abandoned house and everything was shades of grey with some blues. There were lots of people that I knew who looked sick. I didn't know what we were doing, but supposedly we were waiting for breakfast that never came. All of a sudden the sun comes out and this like gameshow host/athletic trainer comes out from some trees with a microphone. He announces that there will be a competition in which we will be divided into couples and will have to go through this obstacle course and dangerous journey all mixed up into one. Then I notice that Amanda is my partner and the tree open like a curtain on a stage and we see this mountain/volcano and forest and river is our course.
We take off and lots of the couples are hilarious mixes. Phillips is with Pat Riley, Stephen is with Bowser's son from Mario World. Amanda and I are doing well over the rolling logs on the river and through the hiking trails. I realize that people are just randomly eliminated by just laughing really hard and turning around with arms around each others shoulders. When we get to the middle of the mountain, we have to enter into this volcanic entrance where it is kind of like the place where Froto goes to throw the ring into the fire. Except we have to walk across the lava for like 4 miles. The only way you could walk across was if you held this cold bottle of vodka and every step you took would instantly freeze the lava. I made it about halfway when Amanda and I were like, this is soo dangerous.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Crack & Stephen King

I feel like I'm on crack sometimes when I remember what I've dreampt the night before.... here's one such example from last night.

It opens up in this little podunk town, and I see an old high-school friend of mine walking down the street, donned in a tuxedo, along with the rest of his wedding party. We didn't say anything to each other. I walk past them & go down the street a bit more, and some jack yells from the bed of a pickup truck, "You're a drunk who drinks alone!" I'm thinking to myself, "This guy has obviously mistaken me for someone else," but I was offended nonetheless.

I get in my Tahoe with a friend of mine who has no face, and we leave town. On the edge of town, we see this huge line of cars coming towards town, like at the end of Field of Dreams. I knew somehow that they were all hunters & fishermen, and since they belonged to this town whose citizens were so rude, I thought, "I should put 'DNR' (Department of Natural Resources) on the side of my truck and block the road." And sure enough, "DNR" appeared on the side of my truck, and I blocked the road. I was pretty happy with what I'd done.

The road gets backed up for miles & miles, and all the hunters' and fishermens' kids get out of the cars and start running & playing in a grassy field that was next to the road. The field was filled with piles of tiny dead chickens, with the feathers already plucked out, and the kids arranged themselves like they were going to play baseball. They skewered all these chickens and were holding them like bottle rockets, and the "pitcher" shot them at the "batter", but the batter didn't have anything to hit with, so the chickens just whizzed by & hit the catcher in the chest.

I'm standing there watching this all transpire, and none other than Stephen King walks up beside me and says to me, "This is great stuff -- I can use this." Then I woke up.

One of the more bizarre dreams I've had in a while, I have to say.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems?

I was dreaming craziness last night (might've been the Mexican food I ate).... I'll try to remember most of the details, on this, my virgin post.

So I'm in this fairly new & completely ginormous house with a guy that looks just like a former boss of mine -- a complete jackass, by the way -- who had just robbed a large bank and had millions of dollars with him. He offered me $1 Million to take the money and keep it safe at my house, because he thought authorities would soon be looking for it there. I agreed, and it flashes to this house that is apparently mine, and my wife & I are up in the attic staring at all the money in this huge duffle bag. For some reason, we can only see the $1 Million that is ours (I must've hid the rest really, really well), and I'm rattling off all of the things that we can now pay off with the money... all the while sweating bullets because I know we're going to get caught. My plan was to hurry up and pay off all my debts before anyone caught us with the money -- that way, at least I'd be a convict with no debt.

When I woke up, I was pissed because I realized there was no big bag of cash in my attic. Only debt and a job at the Home effin' Depot.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

You stealing stuff, man?

So last night was weird because my roommate's girlfriend stayed in his bed in my room last night with just me. It was fine but I was concerned that I would talk in my sleep or something and wake her up. (I guess I still am a little bit self-conscious.) Anyway, she was sleeping all quiet as I was dreaming about my roommate (her boyfriend who was not there that night) driving his car in the other room, and backing up to rear-end another car and I knew it would be totally disastrous and loud. I couldn't yell to tell him to stop because that would wake her up in real-life. I didn't know what to do so I snapped my fingers to try to get his attention. When I snapped the third time I realized that snapping also makes a loud sound and I woke up because I realized I was really snapping. She didn't hear it.

Then I fell asleep again and dreamt that I had moved to some really criminal area in a big city apartment above some store and lived alone. I came home from work or something and realized the door was unlocked. I walked into the place and realized that someone had stolen lots of my "stuff." However, they didn't steal the computer which is actually the only thing worth stealing that I own, unless you love college art class paintings and drawrings. So I'm just sitting wondering why people were just stealing dumb crap like records and shoes when the door opened and some old dude walked in and started picking through stuff like it was his. I said, "Hey, you stealing stuff, man?" "What you doin'?" He stood there for a second and then ran out the door and down the stairs to the street. I wrote down his license plate # for insurance for some reason.

Friday, September 02, 2005

KEEP Dreaming, C'mon.

Oh man, so it's been along time since dreaming occured and was henceforth enscribed upon this blog. I wonder if other people would know about this dream notebook than maybe they could write dreams too. I still like this idea. Obviously my two co-dreamers haven't really enjoyed the blog THAT much... but I haven't made it that fun either.

So, from now on, For every three dreams posted on this :)DREAM-4-EVER:), you will get one dream sent directly to your sleeping brain ABSOLUTELY FREE! Now what! Also,

I had a dream involving some major military actions in Suriname ( I have no idea where that even is or what it looks like, but I was there.) and there were squirells jumping in and out of holes in the ground whenever explosions took place. This is a weak dream with very cloudy recollection.

God Save Us.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Heads up

Alright so I spent 4 days with Amanda's family including her 3 and 1.9 year old nieces. So much of the time my mind was spent from worrying and saying "don't do that" that I dreamt that the youngest was jumping around on my air mattress and fell really hard on the concrete and hit her head. I was so startled that I sat up and yelled "Lainey, No!" in Amanda's family's living room. Luckily I was not heard. I yelled really loud though.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Your mom

I was in Michigan this past weekend at the ol home of the in-laws. We drove there Friday after I got off work at 9:30 in the pm, so we went straight to bed when we got there. I forget many parts of my dream, but I do remember two highlights. Picture this.
I am in Dick's Sporting Goods walking around. I become excited when I come upon an area where a speed gun is set up for people to find out how fast their tennis serve is. I don't have a racket, so I just pick one up and begin to serve when someone starts yelling at me. I realize that I have this guy's racket and he doesn't want me to have it. So I drop the racket and run because the guy is chasing me.
After rounding a corner in the store, I suddenly find myself at Auntie Anne's (the pretzel place in Glenbrook Mall). I am suprised to see Matt's mom working there. We start talking and she tells me how proud she is of Matt. She says that Matt is in Africa and he led six people to the Lord the previous week.
That was about the time I remember smelling bacon and that was the end of that dream.

Monday, July 18, 2005


I dreamt that Amanda was pregnant and so was my mom. Even though that was totally weird and impossible, I was more excited to have a brother than a kid of my own. Yikes.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Once Upon a Time in China III

So Last Night Jordan and I went to see "Kung-Fu Hustle". First of all, recommended if you liked Shaolin Soccer or anything funny. So as the dreams came to my sleeping body there was a lot of sweet Kung Fu to be had.
Jordan said I was talking a lot in my sleep. I dreamt that I was fighting like in Crouching tiger where I could kind-of fly/float and I was really sweet at blocking every punch/sword/kick..etc. Then I was watching another two of my apprentices fighting on some tree branches while I was sitting crosslegged on the top of a castle, floating. I also realized that I looked like that old master from KillBill2. Long white moustache and everything. The more I fought the more I could float and jump really slowly and high. I woke up like five time fighting though. Jordan was probably pissed cause of all the talking. Weng Po-Kim!!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Secret of Nimh

Last night I had such a long dream I was more tired when I woke up. Dang!
Well, the part that I can remember now is the end when I went to find my Dad who had been missing for weeks. I discovered hundreds of people dressed in 1800's clothes all migrating towards a barn with a roped off place for standing in line like at Cedar Point or something. I was trying to stay hidden because this was scary and I was spying so I didn't want anyone to see me. I snuck to where I could see where the line led to and it went down these underground stairs into an underground building like an old church where they were having a service and it was totally cultish/scary as hell. My dad was down there cavorting and talking with people so I got his attention and said, "Why are you here, Mom needs you at home, this place is wack."
He replied that he was trying to work undercover with this cult and help them become Christians. He went on to say things that implied that he was never coming back and that this is what God wanted him to do. Also, he told me that if they found out he was a Christian he would be killed and if they saw me they would kill me. It was all very very sad and I left the farm/underground church in tears.

I can't remember anything else except for sleeping in lots of abandoned trucks the rest of the dream.

Also found this link that is quite necessary to read and try.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Kings of the Beach

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I had a dream that I was meeting some family members on a resort on a beach. Played some board games, threw some crap off the balcony (including and orange station wagon). The car sunk into the beach deeper than this picture but also came out of nowhere.

Found out this resort was deserted like Jurassic Park. Except for some group of high schoolers who would taunt us from the bottom of some stairs. One of them came up the stairs and I kicked him in the head until he fell down, I was scared he would kill us. But then I was scared that I killed him, and also that he was my friend in high school. It was a lot longer, but I've tried to post it twice and also can't remember anymore.

Happy Three Rivers Festival.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


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So Here's the new dream. Last night. I'm riding my bike down this interstate on the shoulder and I remember that I have something to do that I hadn't yet. So at the next underpass I drive off into the country on some red dirt roads that I remember driving on in Minnesota when selling books. Except that I'm in like Africa or Indonesia, basically somewhere I haven't been before and my bike is really hard to pedal. One of the wheels are bent and I have a long ways to go. The reason it seems like another country is because there are little villages and everyone lives in huts, with straw roofs. And everyone either looks East Asian or African right down to the clothes.

Anyway, I go to this village to pick up Amanda on my bike to go to work because she doesn't have a bike and mine has pegs to stand on. We start off through the busy area and some guy with a mask jumps on with a gun behind amanda and says to take him somewhere or he'll shoot me. I'm trying to get him to change his mind because I can't be late for work again, I might get fired. After about 3 miles the wrong way he gets off for a 10 dollar bill I gave him. The bike is so bent that I can barely pedal now. Amanda and I set off back the right way towards town and something tells me Stacy is missing. What? It's that boyfriend of hers who I went to high school with! What was his name? He was the one who was all into hip hop and got famous, was it Humpty? Was it Naughty by Nature. Was it that chubby guy from De La? We asked around and the neighbors were like, "You got the cd right there, man." I look down and I'm holding a burnt Prefuse 73 cd. So we take off to rescue her but I still feel scared because now I'm really late for work.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Two by Two

Alright two more from last night. About 8 other people my age and I had to go back to high school for some class and we were the only people in the whole school which was like 3 stories and pastel yellow in every room. The teacher was like Mr. Beusking style, really strict and mad if noone knew answers or paid attention to what was happening. Anyway, I was the only one who had done well on a test or homework or something so he was like complimenting me while degrading everyone else and everyone started to despise me like the teacher's pet and I didn't like it either. So I felt uncomfortable so I took off. While I was walking down the street I went to this little park and the teacher came up and asked if I wanted to jog with him. I was like whatever and we started running. Then I realized that he was trying to adopt me or something so I woke up.

Then I went back to sleep and started having a dream that Amanda and I were hanging out in someones driveway with my pet mini hippo. I was playing fetch with it at first and kind of ignoring it while talking with Amanda. Then I realized that it couldn't figure out what to eat so I threw some things that looked like dates/walnuts/acorns over towards and it swallowed one and started choking and Amanda started yelling at me. She was like "It doesn't know how to eat it, you have to show it how." And so I got down on the ground with it and opened the shell and ate the inside and the lil' hippo nodded and did the same. Then we were happy.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I slept till 11:15 this morning on the living room floor...on purpose.

Two dreams, thank the Lord. The first one started with a call to watch my grandparents house while they went on vacation. So I had to run to Kansas. When I got there it was really foggy and still. I started walking through this forest in the middle of town that was only one city block and saw the college on the other side. Tabor College. I started throwing a frisbee because it was boring walking and then I decided to jog. I kept jogging all over town, which looked like that downtown strip in Huntington. It started getting dark and like foggy dewey and I still hadn't gone out to the house. I kept passing girls from high school while I was running. So I ran faster. I was running at like top sprint speed but not barely even trying and I was catching up to my ex-girlfriend, at least it looked like her from the back but I wasn't sure. I crossed the street and ran past her on the other side and didn't look back to see if it was her because I didn't want to know.

Then I finally got to the house which was out in the country. I went in and all I can remember it having was a toilet and washing machine. When I came out it was morning and still foggy but I looked out side and it was just mud for as far as I could see in every direction. Then later, my cousin/Matt Loshe was there and he was talking about having a house party while he was sitting on the toilet and pooping the nastiest loudest deluge of poop ever. I went home walking along the highway, looking at building and trees.

2nd dream: you should watch this after, it had this feel to it.

I had a dream that I was like a youth pastor or something and I had like a missionary mentor. He lived in some third world waterworld like place where he had a team of people to help with stuff and I went to visit him, kind of with my parents, kind of alone, you know, I don't really know. He had sent me an invitation to visit him. It had said on one side:one visit to me for your birthday, and on the other side: Stevens' 10th Anniversary. Obviously meaning Sufjan. When I got there he was all happy to meet my family and at the same time really weird to me like he was embarrassed that he had sold out or something. Very cloudy dreams. I realized later that everyone in that dream had some sort of electronic device as part of their body. That's where that video link came in, it was part of the Animation Show.

I love you guys

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pistons in 7

My whole family was together for some reason. Alicia and I went to the house where I lived in elementary school to meet them. I don't remember part of it here, but we were all going to my aunt's house in Columbia City after that. I was driving alone and it started raining. For some reason I was getting onto 69 even though that is out of the way if I was going to Columbia City.

I turned on my windshield wipers , but they just scattered the water so I couldn't see through the windshield. I slowed down so I wouldn't go off the road, but then I saw a car getting ready to pass me. I drove faster because I don't like when people pass me. I finally came to a stop sign and the rain stopped. I turned right and all of a sudden I was riding a bike in a residential neighborhood.

I asked a guy for directions and he pointed me toward stairs that went down. When I started going in that direction I passed another guy who was wearing a box fan like a backpack trying to use it to help him fly. I walked my bike down the stairs and went through a door. As I walked in the place looked familiar. I think I had a recurring dream about this place when I was younger. I was always scared to be there and I was always alone. It was really just a big empty concrete area, though.

Anyway, I walked around a corner and there was another door so I went through it and it led to a pool. It was kinda like the PERC pool. I walked my bike around the pool so I could get to the door and continue riding it to my aunt's house. There were a few people next to the pool talking about how upset they were that someone ordered too much at McDonald's. At this point my cell phone rang. It was Alicia wanting to make sure I didn't sleep too long. It was still two hours before I had to be at work so I had plenty of time to publish my stupid dream in this blog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


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Just finding out about photos this dog dreams of eating dress socks all day and gagging them up in the yard.

Alright Brain, Dream Again Like Nights Gone By

Hey dudes, sorry about this but my brain must be stressed because dreams have been scarcely remembered in the last month and I'm getting damn frustrated. Last night I dreamt that Stacy was getting married and I was her best man and it was really weird because she wasn't a guy. But that was all the dream was.
Maybe I'm not sleeping enough.
The only other dream I can remember since the last post was kinda dirty so I won't talk about that.
Burzen, write Kelly's dream in the comments at least.
Mark, you have to have dreams once in a while. Maybe about electronics.

I have also decided to invite you guys to post conspiracy theories because they are so fun. And creepy.

Anything goes. You don't even have to have a reason or a hint of proof.
Like: The government invented and introducted cocaine into the poor black communities of large cities to keep them down.
Or: There is fear in the water of every major city. Batman Begins spurred this idea.

Either way this has to be in the 98th percentile of most boring blogs on the web. Unless you two rise up against this secret-keeping system we live in. Rise Rise!

One more that Mark may relate to: The NBA is fixed. The refs are fixed, and Sam Cassel IS an alien. White Men Can't Jump.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Evil Doers Do Evil

Alright, Mark and Andy, my dreamkin, I've been at a loss of late for remembering dreams. It's been rough. But as of last noche they are back. I went to my parents house this weekend to see my grandma from California. (p.s. Mark we looked at some pictures of that birthday party when we went to ChuckE.Cheeses, You, Jeff Brock, Matt Ricke, Brock Lusch, Ben Lyons. Just to name a few. Trevor Lee too I think.) Anyways, I took a nap and dreamt that my family was like a pit crew for some road race and we would drive the cars through airports, like where the people walked through the terminals. Weird. Yet not good enough to be satisfied.

But then last night I fell asleep and had a quick dream about sitting in this house having some cereal and looking out the window into this intersection and seeing some lady pull into our driveway/ChicagoNewYork intersection and her airbag just went off for no reason and it was black and it slowly began to engulf her. I immediately jumped up out of bed to help and realized that she was unreal. Made me wish I had a wife or roommate to scare with that jumpup.

But I went back to sleep and had a very scary evil dream. I remembered it until just now damnit. Seriously, I can't remember now. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! It was like almost satanic scary and I'm kind of glad I can't remember it now. But man, I'm very frustrated right now. This was like the first dream in a while. AAAAAhhhhlh! Anyway, you guys should email me dreams or write your own.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Once and Future Thing

I went to Amanda's parents house this weekend and slept on the floor in their living room. The dream I had was pretty wild.
First section was inclusive of a Robin Hood Sherwood forest/international airport atmosphere. Everything was covered in leaves, the ground at least. There was a girl, me and somebody I felt like a mixture of Peter Pan and Robin Hood. He was actually pretty wimpy. The girl was kindof attractive and she told me she was friends with Mariah Carey or something and that Mariah liked me, which was awesome in my dream. So we were going to pick her up from the airport together in our merrymen-style garb in our white 15 passenger van. Then the girl forest girl is suddenly gone as we get to the city which is insanely futuristic.

The city is like Fifth Element mixed with A.I. mixed mostly with Blade Runner style. And all of a sudden the dream turns into this dark grimy futuristic theme as I get behind the wheel. Now I'm on my way to work. I pull up to the building that I work in and go down into the parking garage where this very tense and uneasy dude asks if I would take his dog for him because he can't take care of it anymore. He looked really stressed so I said yes and he showed me this cage that was like the size of a big entertainment center (like 5 feet tall) with shelves and on the top shelf was this tiny white Lhasa Apso. I was like whatever and put the kennel in the back of the van and parked and went to work. I forget some of the work part of the dream, but when I got off work I went down to check on the dog and the cage was broken open and the dog was gone. There was more but damn if I can't remember the rest.

Piece be with you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Alright Okay.

So here's something for you to think about and test out. Last weekend I had two dreams one night and the next night had another.
The doubledream night I had a very boring dream and woke up sleeping on my right side.
Then I rolled over and slept on my left side and had a sweet cool dream adventure. I can't remember it as much now though.
Maybe we should try that theory.

Anyway one of the dreams I had involved "the amazing race" and I was in it with my cousin that Kurzen hates. It was different because we were in Afghanistan and everything was muddy. (Something recurring in dreams lately). The object wasn't to get somewhere first but to be the last group alive. Everywhere we went it was like world war 2 in the trenches with planes bombing and us just running like crazy. We won at least and didn't die. That's all I could remember.

However, last night I had a very intense dream involving all evil characters from all five star wars movies that I have seen. We, (me, some girl and guy and little boy) were making our way through a haunted house and every time we'd get to the top of a stairway or end of a hallway, we'd see all the bad dudes from the movies. I was specifically scared of Darth Maul. They would all throw these curved knives and I would use this sword/bat to deflect them from us.
Then when they were out of knives they would move on for a later battle. After deflecting, we went into this wood floor room with nothing in it and had some snacks still scared. The little boy would crawl around on the floor and I would regain strength. That's all I can remember.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Dream blog: 2029.
Alright the latest dream I had was last night. It took place on the Huntington University campus. My family and I lived in a house with only two walls and no roof and one room with a wood floor. We lived on that stip of grass in front of the PERC where the two lanes are separated. Anyway, we were having like some family field trip or something and we were chasing animals and stuff and then there came this goose that had gray neck and legs and a white body. It kept switching colors from gray to white and my dad said it was a "slut". Then he was like, "Yeah, that's what we used to call those back on the farm." Stacy and I laughed because dad said slut and didn't know it was bad. We walked down this dirt driveway over by Kids Kampus and it led to this house where some folks were barbecuing. When we came out of the trees we realized that it looked like we were trespassing. The people were watching us but trying to ignore us. Gradually more and more people from college came out from the trees and took over the house and it had the feeling of late-night study break at the dowden's. :). That's the first time I've ever done the smiley face. I hate it. I got sick of it and took off through their backyard where there were trails of wooden walkways everywhere and got in a verbal fight with some people. When I got back to our "house" I had a verbal fight with someone else about our dog that didn't exist peeing on their lawn. Then I woke up. Have a nice weekend.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Puppie Suprise

Alright, so here's the deal. I'm writing this to Kurzen, cuz I think he's the only one who knows about this anyway. I had a dream last weekend that was the ulimate. I didn't write it down and I am pissed about that. Anyway from what I can remember, I had to be in this amateur horror movie that was at this high school in the desert.
The main part I remember is that the shoot went all wrong, if you will, and things started to really happen. Not like murder or anything but in one scene there was this huge dog that looked like a Pound Puppie® plush toy that I had when I was a lad. But the thing was he was chasing me and foaming at the mouth and I was really really scared. Then while he was chasing me down this long hallway there were these creepy voice and all these feathers and heads off of little pound puppies came raining down on our little chase scene. Wicked huh? Anyway, I'm not good blog subject matter.

Last night, I had another dream. I was at college and Abbie Rodgers, Greg Powell, Chase Verba, who in this dream was like this young kid who was like following me like jobshadowing my life or something, ( Let's just say I was a big influence on the guy) were hanging out along with some other random unknown co-eds.
I was also playing basketball on the team at the time and for some reason was loving that. (Andy, you and I dream about that too damn often.) There were some hoop dreams with live game action that I'm just going to choose to forget. Anyway, we were all hanging out in this library that was like an elementary school's library and doing some group project, when I just decided to walk around.
I was looking through some books when I found some book that I obviously loved when I was a kid, I don't know what I was but it was like a 60 page geography book with one of those very ages covers. I pulled it out and everyone was awestruck that I had done so. When I opened the book this huge gust of windy misty smoke would shoot out of the binding like a train's whistle and the book would start flapping these beautiful wings, that somehow I had not managed to see earlier.
Everyone was insanely amazed at this book. I just played it off like that's normal and "yeah, it'll do that." was kinda my only vibe. Soon we were all bored with the book which is insanely dumb because of it's enormous entertaining value, but I checked it out from paco's mom and we went out to play in the park. Then, the rest of the dream, everytime people would laugh I would open the book so that people would laugh more. Kinda like farting. . . Jordán.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Swimming dream

So last night I dreamt of glory and aquatics. I was this short blonde swimmer, and I was the best in my high school. It was the week of the state finals and I was training and running and all that junk but the whole week I was wearing a yellow speedo and yellow tanktop that for some reason I wore the whole week, running and everything. I was jogging around some town I guess I lived in when I noticed some red blazer following me suspiciously so I turned into an alley and they peeled out trying to beat me to the end of the block on the street. I hid between some of the houses and they kept going by and the driver looked just like Tricky. I was listening to sports radio while I was running later and they were talking about Mike Prior who was my cousin, (he's a pitcher for the cubs) and was being criticized for having to be totally drunk so that he could pitch. I was ashamed but it was so true.
Then came the day when our team was going to the state finals. The pool was about as long as a football field and it was in a huge red cave that was lit very well with lights from like a baseball stadium or something. There were like 5 floating islands which were like our team's bases or something and 5 events. There were a ton of people that had to stand up the whole time in a hallway to watch. Our team had my brother and sister, who were like 11 and 8 years old, and two other dudes and me.
The first event was amazing. My little brother, who looked like JTT was sitting on a seat strapped to the top of a shark cage and the event involved some sort of explosion underwater that would make him fly into the air and he would have to high jump different levels of telephone wires. My sister won some type of normal event and so did I and the other two dudes.
After we won the state championship trophy, Wisconsin's basketball coach recruited me to go there and play basketball and swim which are in the same season and really impossible to do both. Weird.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Merry merry cheeks all hairy

So this is my first post. Don't hold your breath. I don't really know if I'm gonna do much with this but thought it'd be amusing. So here I am. I had a dream the other night where I was Omar Epps in some movie he's been in that I swear I've seen but this movie was all about me sneaking around with a gun and acting like I was gonna shoot some girls but I really just wanted them to talk me out of it. Mostly I thought they were all hot. Kinda Pam Grier hot. But then I had a dream that some random college acquaintances and I had to work in this huge cement grey building with like twenty stories and thousands of orange metal doors which were all very similar. So much that I was continually lost throughout the dream and in each room was a concession stand type of sliding door in which we hid hints on how to find our way back. Very labyrinthical.

Also last weekend I was severely dizzy and sick to my stomach constantly. I went to the doctor and was told I have a small case of VERTIGO. Doesn't that beat all. That's what Lucille 2 on Arrested Development has so that's kinda cool. They gave me some non-spinning pills that actually haven't helped a whole lot but at least I got to work all week. yay. I hope this goes away.