Saturday, September 08, 2007

Me And Tom Hanks

So this morning, while sleeping in, I had a great dream about being part of a drug sting in some nondescript northern town. I say northern because it was snowing. I started on an outdoor flight of steps going up to a motel room which really looked more like an apartment once you got inside. I remember having to stop on the steps because a van pulled into the parking lot underneath them, and I knew it belonged to the drug dealers, so I had to become very still and stealthy, and not knock any snow down between the steps, so as not to alert the drug dealers to my presence. I've been watching alot of The Wire lately.

In the small hallway leading to the motel room, there were three or four windows, from which I could spy some of the drug dealers digging ditches with Caterpillars out behind the motel. I'm not sure what they were digging for, but I knew it was bad news. Once in the motel room/apartment, I was greeted by my dad, the black lady-doctor from Grey's Anatomy and a couple of other people. They were my team, I think. Also, my mom and this older lady showed up after a while, but they just stopped by to bring us food. I was angry that they had stopped by because they weren't trained pros like me and my crew, so when they left, I ran out behind the building to distract the guards. I remember not being able to tie my shoes properly for some reason, so I ran out without them.

Then I was in a house with a bunch of people, like 20 or 30, in the living room, where we listened to a man speak. He laid down some playing cards and invited us to accept God into our hearts and our bodies by staring at the cards. I wanted to at first, and so did everybody else. Rachel Lane was there, and I noticed she was one of the first in line, along with a bunch of other people. However, my friend Caitlin Corless ran down the hallway into a bedroom and wouldn't do it. I asked her why and she said she felt it wasn't necessary. Plus, she was very frightened. Then I got frightened all the sudden and realized they were a cult and that I already had God in my heart and I wondered why they would ask me to do it again.

Then I realized they were zombies and we needed to run away very fast. It was quite scary. Then Caitlin had blond hair (it's normally red) and we were in a library or a museum (or something). And there were lots of glass walls. Plus, she now had glasses. If given time, I think it might have eventually turned into The Da Vinci Code, but I woke up before I found out.

Monday, June 11, 2007

It's a boy?

I had a dream that I was holding our child (still 5 weeks away from introducing him/herself) in my lap, but it was still in my wife's belly. She wasn't around, though. I was just holding a round belly with a head sticking out of it. And it was a boy. And it had a toddler head.

It was really bizarre.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

dream of robins and chan

i was walking out of my grandparents house and to my great grandfather's home, which is right next door. to get there, i have to step off an elevated drive way which makes a corner with my great g'pa's yard. Right there in the corner, lives a dogwood tree. As i am stepping off to go his house, i see about 100 baby robins, complete with their tiny baby bird downy feathers. there were tons, they were all piled high and tweeting. it was weird, and sweet. so, i decided to get to my great g'pa's home, i'll just walk down the drive way and around.. so, as i am trying to do that, i step off the embankment, and something, who knows what, picks me up and slams me down right on all the baby robins.

i kill them all. the grass was so green. :(

Friday, February 09, 2007

Brady Quinn = Greedy Bastard?

Brady Quinn & I were taking a tour of this old scenic university (reminiscent of Notre Dame -- go figure)... we were walking through this huge old mansion that had been converted into a dorm. There were a bunch of other football players touring the same house, like it was the place to be & everybody was vying for a limited number of rooms. We were snooping around in a hall closet, when we found this box full of Notre Dame shirts. He grabbed like 6 of them & ran up the stairs, like he was gyanking them & didn't want to get caught. I looked around in the box for a shirt that would fit me (I don't know why I even wanted one since I despise ND), but that bastard took all the ones that were my size -- I just knew it. I followed him upstairs to get a shirt, and 2 hookers were waiting, complete with laminated price lists. One of them was on sale. How can you pass up a sale, son?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Disney sucks

I got invited to a halloween party at Chris Ware's house, or else he was just going to be there.
So I wanted to impress him. For my costume, I wore a pasta box on my head and looked out the clear panel. I also had on a turquoise-ish turtleneck and a brown corduroy vest.
Later, I travelled with my dad and other family members to Disneyworld in an empty hay wagon. We kept turning down streets trying to find Disney but instead found abandoned parade sites, or parking garages. Finally we arrived. The first thing we saw was some sort of martial arts demonstration in what looked like a horse stable/barn. My dad "sparred" with the instructor, but it was really fake and sissy and lasted about 30 seconds. The main "attraction" at this building was about 20 college-aged students sitting at long tables, "The Last Supper"-style, supposedly to promote their school of nursing. But really they all just shared short testimonies and anecdotes about their faith. For quite some time.
The next stop was the gymnasium, for a Disney State University basketball game. Somehow, about four or five players were graduates of my high school, but they were all guys who had never even made it to the varsity team because of getting cut or quitting because they were not good. But they had all improved quite a bit. And somehow I was playing with them. Except that I was wearing my black fleece gloves which made it really hard to dribble and pass. I kept taking them off, but then they would end up back on my hands again. I must've been pretty cold.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


we didn't send out invitations and i ddin't get my dress altered. our wedding was going to be the singular worst disaster in my life. we were calling people to beg them to come.

Friday, December 22, 2006

not again

i am at work just typing away at my computer when all of a sudden my bottom pointy tooth is loose. i automatically freak out because permanet teeth shouldn't be loose, but i don't tell anyone about it. i move it and it comes up and then down and i try to keep it down with my tongue. didn't work. it came out. and i held it up. it's root had decayed in my gums. i felt around the bottom of my mouth and i felt the next tooth was becoming loose. i just started bawling and the girls at work asked me what was wrong and i just held up my tooth. my boss was like, that happens to me all the time... and i said, no it doesn't all your teeth are in place.