Friday, May 13, 2005


Dream blog: 2029.
Alright the latest dream I had was last night. It took place on the Huntington University campus. My family and I lived in a house with only two walls and no roof and one room with a wood floor. We lived on that stip of grass in front of the PERC where the two lanes are separated. Anyway, we were having like some family field trip or something and we were chasing animals and stuff and then there came this goose that had gray neck and legs and a white body. It kept switching colors from gray to white and my dad said it was a "slut". Then he was like, "Yeah, that's what we used to call those back on the farm." Stacy and I laughed because dad said slut and didn't know it was bad. We walked down this dirt driveway over by Kids Kampus and it led to this house where some folks were barbecuing. When we came out of the trees we realized that it looked like we were trespassing. The people were watching us but trying to ignore us. Gradually more and more people from college came out from the trees and took over the house and it had the feeling of late-night study break at the dowden's. :). That's the first time I've ever done the smiley face. I hate it. I got sick of it and took off through their backyard where there were trails of wooden walkways everywhere and got in a verbal fight with some people. When I got back to our "house" I had a verbal fight with someone else about our dog that didn't exist peeing on their lawn. Then I woke up. Have a nice weekend.

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