Monday, July 11, 2005

The Secret of Nimh

Last night I had such a long dream I was more tired when I woke up. Dang!
Well, the part that I can remember now is the end when I went to find my Dad who had been missing for weeks. I discovered hundreds of people dressed in 1800's clothes all migrating towards a barn with a roped off place for standing in line like at Cedar Point or something. I was trying to stay hidden because this was scary and I was spying so I didn't want anyone to see me. I snuck to where I could see where the line led to and it went down these underground stairs into an underground building like an old church where they were having a service and it was totally cultish/scary as hell. My dad was down there cavorting and talking with people so I got his attention and said, "Why are you here, Mom needs you at home, this place is wack."
He replied that he was trying to work undercover with this cult and help them become Christians. He went on to say things that implied that he was never coming back and that this is what God wanted him to do. Also, he told me that if they found out he was a Christian he would be killed and if they saw me they would kill me. It was all very very sad and I left the farm/underground church in tears.

I can't remember anything else except for sleeping in lots of abandoned trucks the rest of the dream.

Also found this link that is quite necessary to read and try.

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