Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Alright Okay.

So here's something for you to think about and test out. Last weekend I had two dreams one night and the next night had another.
The doubledream night I had a very boring dream and woke up sleeping on my right side.
Then I rolled over and slept on my left side and had a sweet cool dream adventure. I can't remember it as much now though.
Maybe we should try that theory.

Anyway one of the dreams I had involved "the amazing race" and I was in it with my cousin that Kurzen hates. It was different because we were in Afghanistan and everything was muddy. (Something recurring in dreams lately). The object wasn't to get somewhere first but to be the last group alive. Everywhere we went it was like world war 2 in the trenches with planes bombing and us just running like crazy. We won at least and didn't die. That's all I could remember.

However, last night I had a very intense dream involving all evil characters from all five star wars movies that I have seen. We, (me, some girl and guy and little boy) were making our way through a haunted house and every time we'd get to the top of a stairway or end of a hallway, we'd see all the bad dudes from the movies. I was specifically scared of Darth Maul. They would all throw these curved knives and I would use this sword/bat to deflect them from us.
Then when they were out of knives they would move on for a later battle. After deflecting, we went into this wood floor room with nothing in it and had some snacks still scared. The little boy would crawl around on the floor and I would regain strength. That's all I can remember.

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