Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Heads up

Alright so I spent 4 days with Amanda's family including her 3 and 1.9 year old nieces. So much of the time my mind was spent from worrying and saying "don't do that" that I dreamt that the youngest was jumping around on my air mattress and fell really hard on the concrete and hit her head. I was so startled that I sat up and yelled "Lainey, No!" in Amanda's family's living room. Luckily I was not heard. I yelled really loud though.

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Anonymous said...

what's up neptizzle? nice to see your moniker in my inbox. life's pretty good... married life is good. yes, i am on the lookout for a new job -- curtis let me know that no money was coming in, so they offered to let me look around. pretty cool of them.

anyway. dream blogs, huh?