Monday, June 27, 2005

Two by Two

Alright two more from last night. About 8 other people my age and I had to go back to high school for some class and we were the only people in the whole school which was like 3 stories and pastel yellow in every room. The teacher was like Mr. Beusking style, really strict and mad if noone knew answers or paid attention to what was happening. Anyway, I was the only one who had done well on a test or homework or something so he was like complimenting me while degrading everyone else and everyone started to despise me like the teacher's pet and I didn't like it either. So I felt uncomfortable so I took off. While I was walking down the street I went to this little park and the teacher came up and asked if I wanted to jog with him. I was like whatever and we started running. Then I realized that he was trying to adopt me or something so I woke up.

Then I went back to sleep and started having a dream that Amanda and I were hanging out in someones driveway with my pet mini hippo. I was playing fetch with it at first and kind of ignoring it while talking with Amanda. Then I realized that it couldn't figure out what to eat so I threw some things that looked like dates/walnuts/acorns over towards and it swallowed one and started choking and Amanda started yelling at me. She was like "It doesn't know how to eat it, you have to show it how." And so I got down on the ground with it and opened the shell and ate the inside and the lil' hippo nodded and did the same. Then we were happy.

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