Monday, May 23, 2005

Once and Future Thing

I went to Amanda's parents house this weekend and slept on the floor in their living room. The dream I had was pretty wild.
First section was inclusive of a Robin Hood Sherwood forest/international airport atmosphere. Everything was covered in leaves, the ground at least. There was a girl, me and somebody I felt like a mixture of Peter Pan and Robin Hood. He was actually pretty wimpy. The girl was kindof attractive and she told me she was friends with Mariah Carey or something and that Mariah liked me, which was awesome in my dream. So we were going to pick her up from the airport together in our merrymen-style garb in our white 15 passenger van. Then the girl forest girl is suddenly gone as we get to the city which is insanely futuristic.

The city is like Fifth Element mixed with A.I. mixed mostly with Blade Runner style. And all of a sudden the dream turns into this dark grimy futuristic theme as I get behind the wheel. Now I'm on my way to work. I pull up to the building that I work in and go down into the parking garage where this very tense and uneasy dude asks if I would take his dog for him because he can't take care of it anymore. He looked really stressed so I said yes and he showed me this cage that was like the size of a big entertainment center (like 5 feet tall) with shelves and on the top shelf was this tiny white Lhasa Apso. I was like whatever and put the kennel in the back of the van and parked and went to work. I forget some of the work part of the dream, but when I got off work I went down to check on the dog and the cage was broken open and the dog was gone. There was more but damn if I can't remember the rest.

Piece be with you.

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