Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crazy Jamaica Trip...almost

Ok, pay attention, because this one was so weird it actually motivated me to join your amazing blog!

It starts off that I am on an airplane that lands on the street I grew up on. Ryan Darr is piloting the flight, who is the current student body prez at HC. Then I go to the house I lived in as a kid when Norrie comes by in his car to ask me if I want to go to Jamaica for a Mission trip for 2 days. I say yes, but apparently he just waits for me to pack. Somehow it took me many hours to pack for the two day mission trip and by the time we arrive at the airport to fly to Jamaica we are late, but still decide to eat at this nice sit down restaurant at the airport. Anyway, some guy joined us that I never figured out who he was but we talked to him like we were all friends. Then the waitress was apparently really bad and I told her she was the worst waitress ever. Then we went to pay and I gave the manager my Debit card and told him how bad his wait staff was. At this he grew angry and took my card and left the restaurant. Then I started a yelling battle with the whole wait staff which had us yelling at each other all through the airport. Sometime during this Norrie disappeared and I discovered that I was wearing the warm up basketball pants I got when I was the manager for the B-ball team. Ok, but then I went back to the restaurant to get my debit card again and got in to it with several more waiters and waitresses, but I could never find the manager who took my card.

Finally, I end up sitting at a table with a waitress and we start talking really seriously about what all happened that looked like the scene from Magnolia where the cop is talking to the coke addicted lady. While I was explaining to her what made her so terrible, and that I really loved her so she should help me get my card back, I woke up...Totally unresolved...No Norrie, Darr, Jamaica or a debit card...but I loved wearing those pants!

Hope my first entry was worth it!



wholegrain said...

Hell yeah man. I am glad you are here. No dream is too small.

burzen said...

(which one's were they, dusty?)

Anonymous said...

mmmm.... coke-addicted ladies.

Dusty said...

The green ones with the basketball on the left thigh...

I actually found them recently again too...But how did they make it to my dream?