Monday, June 27, 2005

Two by Two

Alright two more from last night. About 8 other people my age and I had to go back to high school for some class and we were the only people in the whole school which was like 3 stories and pastel yellow in every room. The teacher was like Mr. Beusking style, really strict and mad if noone knew answers or paid attention to what was happening. Anyway, I was the only one who had done well on a test or homework or something so he was like complimenting me while degrading everyone else and everyone started to despise me like the teacher's pet and I didn't like it either. So I felt uncomfortable so I took off. While I was walking down the street I went to this little park and the teacher came up and asked if I wanted to jog with him. I was like whatever and we started running. Then I realized that he was trying to adopt me or something so I woke up.

Then I went back to sleep and started having a dream that Amanda and I were hanging out in someones driveway with my pet mini hippo. I was playing fetch with it at first and kind of ignoring it while talking with Amanda. Then I realized that it couldn't figure out what to eat so I threw some things that looked like dates/walnuts/acorns over towards and it swallowed one and started choking and Amanda started yelling at me. She was like "It doesn't know how to eat it, you have to show it how." And so I got down on the ground with it and opened the shell and ate the inside and the lil' hippo nodded and did the same. Then we were happy.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I slept till 11:15 this morning on the living room floor...on purpose.

Two dreams, thank the Lord. The first one started with a call to watch my grandparents house while they went on vacation. So I had to run to Kansas. When I got there it was really foggy and still. I started walking through this forest in the middle of town that was only one city block and saw the college on the other side. Tabor College. I started throwing a frisbee because it was boring walking and then I decided to jog. I kept jogging all over town, which looked like that downtown strip in Huntington. It started getting dark and like foggy dewey and I still hadn't gone out to the house. I kept passing girls from high school while I was running. So I ran faster. I was running at like top sprint speed but not barely even trying and I was catching up to my ex-girlfriend, at least it looked like her from the back but I wasn't sure. I crossed the street and ran past her on the other side and didn't look back to see if it was her because I didn't want to know.

Then I finally got to the house which was out in the country. I went in and all I can remember it having was a toilet and washing machine. When I came out it was morning and still foggy but I looked out side and it was just mud for as far as I could see in every direction. Then later, my cousin/Matt Loshe was there and he was talking about having a house party while he was sitting on the toilet and pooping the nastiest loudest deluge of poop ever. I went home walking along the highway, looking at building and trees.

2nd dream: you should watch this after, it had this feel to it.

I had a dream that I was like a youth pastor or something and I had like a missionary mentor. He lived in some third world waterworld like place where he had a team of people to help with stuff and I went to visit him, kind of with my parents, kind of alone, you know, I don't really know. He had sent me an invitation to visit him. It had said on one side:one visit to me for your birthday, and on the other side: Stevens' 10th Anniversary. Obviously meaning Sufjan. When I got there he was all happy to meet my family and at the same time really weird to me like he was embarrassed that he had sold out or something. Very cloudy dreams. I realized later that everyone in that dream had some sort of electronic device as part of their body. That's where that video link came in, it was part of the Animation Show.

I love you guys

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pistons in 7

My whole family was together for some reason. Alicia and I went to the house where I lived in elementary school to meet them. I don't remember part of it here, but we were all going to my aunt's house in Columbia City after that. I was driving alone and it started raining. For some reason I was getting onto 69 even though that is out of the way if I was going to Columbia City.

I turned on my windshield wipers , but they just scattered the water so I couldn't see through the windshield. I slowed down so I wouldn't go off the road, but then I saw a car getting ready to pass me. I drove faster because I don't like when people pass me. I finally came to a stop sign and the rain stopped. I turned right and all of a sudden I was riding a bike in a residential neighborhood.

I asked a guy for directions and he pointed me toward stairs that went down. When I started going in that direction I passed another guy who was wearing a box fan like a backpack trying to use it to help him fly. I walked my bike down the stairs and went through a door. As I walked in the place looked familiar. I think I had a recurring dream about this place when I was younger. I was always scared to be there and I was always alone. It was really just a big empty concrete area, though.

Anyway, I walked around a corner and there was another door so I went through it and it led to a pool. It was kinda like the PERC pool. I walked my bike around the pool so I could get to the door and continue riding it to my aunt's house. There were a few people next to the pool talking about how upset they were that someone ordered too much at McDonald's. At this point my cell phone rang. It was Alicia wanting to make sure I didn't sleep too long. It was still two hours before I had to be at work so I had plenty of time to publish my stupid dream in this blog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


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Just finding out about photos this dog dreams of eating dress socks all day and gagging them up in the yard.

Alright Brain, Dream Again Like Nights Gone By

Hey dudes, sorry about this but my brain must be stressed because dreams have been scarcely remembered in the last month and I'm getting damn frustrated. Last night I dreamt that Stacy was getting married and I was her best man and it was really weird because she wasn't a guy. But that was all the dream was.
Maybe I'm not sleeping enough.
The only other dream I can remember since the last post was kinda dirty so I won't talk about that.
Burzen, write Kelly's dream in the comments at least.
Mark, you have to have dreams once in a while. Maybe about electronics.

I have also decided to invite you guys to post conspiracy theories because they are so fun. And creepy.

Anything goes. You don't even have to have a reason or a hint of proof.
Like: The government invented and introducted cocaine into the poor black communities of large cities to keep them down.
Or: There is fear in the water of every major city. Batman Begins spurred this idea.

Either way this has to be in the 98th percentile of most boring blogs on the web. Unless you two rise up against this secret-keeping system we live in. Rise Rise!

One more that Mark may relate to: The NBA is fixed. The refs are fixed, and Sam Cassel IS an alien. White Men Can't Jump.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Evil Doers Do Evil

Alright, Mark and Andy, my dreamkin, I've been at a loss of late for remembering dreams. It's been rough. But as of last noche they are back. I went to my parents house this weekend to see my grandma from California. (p.s. Mark we looked at some pictures of that birthday party when we went to ChuckE.Cheeses, You, Jeff Brock, Matt Ricke, Brock Lusch, Ben Lyons. Just to name a few. Trevor Lee too I think.) Anyways, I took a nap and dreamt that my family was like a pit crew for some road race and we would drive the cars through airports, like where the people walked through the terminals. Weird. Yet not good enough to be satisfied.

But then last night I fell asleep and had a quick dream about sitting in this house having some cereal and looking out the window into this intersection and seeing some lady pull into our driveway/ChicagoNewYork intersection and her airbag just went off for no reason and it was black and it slowly began to engulf her. I immediately jumped up out of bed to help and realized that she was unreal. Made me wish I had a wife or roommate to scare with that jumpup.

But I went back to sleep and had a very scary evil dream. I remembered it until just now damnit. Seriously, I can't remember now. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! It was like almost satanic scary and I'm kind of glad I can't remember it now. But man, I'm very frustrated right now. This was like the first dream in a while. AAAAAhhhhlh! Anyway, you guys should email me dreams or write your own.