Monday, November 14, 2005

Talk to your kids about drug abuse

So I was in college and it was like the last few days before graduation at Huntington and all my friends were have "get-togethers" before everyone left. I was at one with some weird combination of dudes, Joe Gaff, Jonny Rice, Jake Sikora, Blake Mollenkopf, Janine Senanayake, Matt Bruce, Nate Reusser, lots of people who wouldn't be together, but we and some others were having a good time. I had to leave to go back to the dorm because I forgot something pointless but it's a dream. So I went back to the dorm which was like 30 floors high and there was like a porch/balcony on everyfloor around the entire building with no railings or anything. There were no elevators so it took a long time for me to get to the top floor. When I got there it was all outside like cheap hotels and the top floor had like a courtyard of cement with windows all around to see in like a jail rec room. There were tons of guys doing crap that would happen in a dorm and not in public, and there were three little kids fighting this other little kid. They were like 10 years old or less but seriously hurting each other bad. I broke it up and asked Jonny Rice (who was everywhere that day, I guess) whose kids they were. He told me he saw their dad outside on the balcony, smoking weed with the students because he had won the nascar race that was on campus today. I sent the kids down the thirty flights of stairs with head bleeding and was furious at their dad for the care they were not receiving. I went out to the twenty or so drinkers and smokers on the balcony. They were talking about the 15 million dollar race that this guy had won and I asked loudly to everyone, "Who's the guy who won the race today?" One man braggingly raised his hand between his little joint puffs. I walked up to him and continued to "chew him out" for his treatment of his kids while he was getting high with 20 year olds. I was so mad that everyone else cleared off the balcony in discomfort and awkwardness. Instead of this man getting mad back at me, he became very pitiful looking, as if he knew he was the worst person ever and looked depressed to the point of suicidal. I went to the room and grabbed a bunch of broccoli and brought it back and threw it in his face like it was weed and said "Why don't you use your 15 million and buy a house where you can smoke weed while your kids are at school, you fuckin' loser."
I then walked down all the stairs and realized the kids were gone and the party with the funny group was over and everyone had left school and this guy maybe felt bad enough to jump from the building. Then I woke up.


Anonymous said...

Effin' loser. Face full of broccoli will teach that bastard.

Dusty said...

Wow...I like this...I want to see a movie like this!


burzen said...

Please forward this dream to 10 of your friends in the next 10 minutes and you will receive a FREE $50 Gift Certificate to Applebees. If you don't, think of how many kids will grow up with weed-smoking parents.