Saturday, September 17, 2005

Can you throw it o'er your shoulder?

So last night I was in the Army. Not like you'd think, though... we're talking Continental, old-school type Army. Actually, come to think of it, I don't remember what color coat I had on -- blue or red... British red, I think. But it was old-school, and I was on this special team that did covert ops (with red coats on), and except for the guns, all of our equipment was high-tech & current. We got this assignment to blow up this bridge as someone important was going across it. So we maneuvered underneath it, completely undetected.... and when the motorcade came through, we blew it up & completed the mission. We emerged from underneath it completely unscathed, and had to run for our lives through this hilly field, with explosions & bullets whizzing by all around us.


wholegrain said...

Heads up Cornwallis. Was josh Mackey in your dream, he loves revolutionary war reenactments.

Anonymous said...

i didn't see him, although at the time i was busy dodging bullets. i probably ran over him en route to a safe haven.