Monday, October 10, 2005

Plett Family Vacation

Our family decided to take a vacation to like the east coast/New England area. Stacy and I took our places in the back seat of the Astro van as usual.

As we were leaving the place we lived we drove by this two block area that I've begun having in multiple dreams. Everytime I dream about this area I only pass it accidentally when I'm trying to find it. It's like a shopping/mall of glass and silver in like downtown Chicago and there's an airport on top and also a carnival of some kind. Usually I'm looking at a map when I see it. And then realize that we just passed it and then never find it again. This time only I was looking out the window and just watched it on the way. Stacy started to talk to me about some band that I had all the cd's of and told me something about them that made me mad at her. We got to this place that we were to stay and we all went to explore. We went out to the deck in the back close to the water and we all noticed that it was sinking wherever we took a step and we were disappointed in the place even though it was fun to walk on the deck.

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