Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hot Tubs to Hot Subs

I was in a large group of people in bathing suits in a wooden 6 story cabin with tons of hot tubs. Amanda's family, some friends, and some pro athletes were in our group and we were to test out the hot tubs. Amanda's 3 year old niece was in the first floor one with some other lil' kids and everyone else found their own on the top floors. My group ended up being Amanda, me, Lawrence Taylor and Bernie Kosar in one hot tub. Then I got scared that the water was too hot for Amanda's niece and ran down to the first floor scared she was burnt up. Not true, she was fine but our groups time was over. Everyone lined up at the door and our group went out to the lobby while a new group came into the sauna hot tub room.

In the lobby, we were all drying off and snackin on stuff from Markle Pool when George W. and two of his "right hand men" came to greet us. It was Bush but he looked like Bill Clinton mixed with Principal Skinner. But we all knew it was Bush. I got to talk to him and his cronies and ripped him soooo bad about all the stuff I don't like about him and he got uncomfortable and walked off so I kept talking with the two buddies of his. Then I got sent to a different room than everyone else.

Then I was on an aircraft carrier full of people sailing into the desert. In my dream it was Tunisia but it was an Arabian desert everywhere. Yep, I had pushed W's buttons and went and got deported...to the desert. But where we walked off the boat, there were miles of people cheering in two parallel lines and people running down the "tunnel" they were making. We went to look and someone grabbed me who was running and I started to running holding this man's hand who looked and was dressed like a typical middle eastern conservative man, with a robe and headdress and all that. It was my dad. He was like run, it's a celebration! I was like what the frick. So I said, "but they'll find out that I'm not Arab." He said, "it's okay, you're with me." So we ran sooo fast and hard but didn't get tired and when we came to the end of the lines of cheering people we were in New York, and not even out of breath. I asked my dad how far we had run and he said four miles.
The end.


Dusty said...

I have a weird dream...

Get me on here soon, or I will forget it!


Anonymous said...

now that's some badass photoshoppin', son! daddy like.