Friday, September 02, 2005

KEEP Dreaming, C'mon.

Oh man, so it's been along time since dreaming occured and was henceforth enscribed upon this blog. I wonder if other people would know about this dream notebook than maybe they could write dreams too. I still like this idea. Obviously my two co-dreamers haven't really enjoyed the blog THAT much... but I haven't made it that fun either.

So, from now on, For every three dreams posted on this :)DREAM-4-EVER:), you will get one dream sent directly to your sleeping brain ABSOLUTELY FREE! Now what! Also,

I had a dream involving some major military actions in Suriname ( I have no idea where that even is or what it looks like, but I was there.) and there were squirells jumping in and out of holes in the ground whenever explosions took place. This is a weak dream with very cloudy recollection.

God Save Us.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, make me a member of your scuba-squad, and I'll post my freaky-deaky dreams on here.