Thursday, December 01, 2005

National Lampoons Flood School

So I was about 8 or 9 yrs old and went to school with kids in like Huck Finn's time period in the country. We went on a field trip to a huge southern mansion/school to take a tour. There were kids in their little clubs and everything in my class. We were taking a tour from the owner of the place who had a Rollie Fingers-style moustache. He was like the Monopoly guy mixed with Snively Whiplash from Bullwinkle. He was very nice. We were going through all the rooms and exploring the house and stuff, and all of a sudden water start coming into the bottom floor. A huge wave was just passin' through, I guess. So we all ran up the stairs and there was like 6 feet of water in the house. For some reason everyone was having a huge panic attack, probably because we were 8 years old. But it was like the water couldn't be touched and everyone was frightened. So I had to calm everyone down, even the Rollie fingers tourguide. It was rather odd.

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