Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ain't got time for dreamin'

Except for this one from last night:
On vacation with my family at this boring festival. Went back to hotel room, but realized I didn't have a key or know where our room was. Lots of people playing poker in these dorm room type lobbies.
Went to this summer camp/public park type bathroom with this "medicine cabinet" that had weird bloody razor blades in it. We were warned about this serial killer/monster who sure enough stormed into the bathroom. He was a dirty, skinny, dark-skinned teenager with a wild expression and no clothes. We yelled at him and I kicked the door at him til he went away.
Then I went to another safer-looking bathroom/sleeping area to worn my co-workers about the maniac on the loose. But then we realized that their area was connected to this vast creepy barn area with straw and empty cow stalls so he could have been anywhere. I'm not a racist.

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wholegrain said...

Yeah, right. I had a dream (speaking of dorms.) Shoot, I'll just write it.