Monday, June 13, 2005

Evil Doers Do Evil

Alright, Mark and Andy, my dreamkin, I've been at a loss of late for remembering dreams. It's been rough. But as of last noche they are back. I went to my parents house this weekend to see my grandma from California. (p.s. Mark we looked at some pictures of that birthday party when we went to ChuckE.Cheeses, You, Jeff Brock, Matt Ricke, Brock Lusch, Ben Lyons. Just to name a few. Trevor Lee too I think.) Anyways, I took a nap and dreamt that my family was like a pit crew for some road race and we would drive the cars through airports, like where the people walked through the terminals. Weird. Yet not good enough to be satisfied.

But then last night I fell asleep and had a quick dream about sitting in this house having some cereal and looking out the window into this intersection and seeing some lady pull into our driveway/ChicagoNewYork intersection and her airbag just went off for no reason and it was black and it slowly began to engulf her. I immediately jumped up out of bed to help and realized that she was unreal. Made me wish I had a wife or roommate to scare with that jumpup.

But I went back to sleep and had a very scary evil dream. I remembered it until just now damnit. Seriously, I can't remember now. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! It was like almost satanic scary and I'm kind of glad I can't remember it now. But man, I'm very frustrated right now. This was like the first dream in a while. AAAAAhhhhlh! Anyway, you guys should email me dreams or write your own.


Burzen said...

it wouldn't let me create a blogger account. so this is from my little sister, Janna.

Me and some friend were driving down grandma's lane to
the farm and when we got their they parked their cars
and i realized i was riding a deer so to park it i was
going to put the kickstand -on the deer- down! but i
realized the deer wouldnt hold still if i did that so
i tied it to the bullach's tree but i knew they would
be mad because it would eat their dogs so left my
number so they would know who did it! then the farm
was like a swimming place with a pond and the chicken
coop (which the farm doesnt have) was the dock and
people were swimming and kids and i had to watch a
baby that kept jumping out of my arms and runing to
the water and i would catch it and it would like bite
and kick its way out of my arms and jump back in so i
tied it to the bullach's tree thinking that was a bad
idea because the deer was now a polar bear looking
thing that would eat the baby..

wholegrain said...

That's awesome, I just wrote a bad thing about you not posting it but this is really funny. That deer won't stand still. Jeez-oww! I'll try to figure out how to get multiple people to be able to post regular posts.