Friday, November 18, 2005

Follow the white light

Finally I had a dream I can remember.... it's been a while. For some reason, I have a lot of dreams where I'm getting chased by someone who wants me dead, and last night was no exception.

The only part I remember is this friggin' mob guy who's trying to kill me, and I'm running for my life. And every time, in every dream I have.... I run into the same house -- this huge, green, cavernous house out in the woods. It's got all these rooms & twists & turns, and I can run and run and whoever is chasing me can never catch me. And I always get to this one doorway that leads out to the backside of the house, and there's a huge long bridge that leads from the back door to the other side of this deep, dark canyon... and there's a city at the bottom of the canyon. It's always nighttime when I go outside the backdoor, so you can see all the city lights below, and on the other side of the canyon where the bridge leads, there's a super-bright, white light that just beams brighter than anything I've ever seen. And I always catch myself looking too long & realizing that the guy's still after me.... but I always wake up before I can cross the bridge. I wonder if I'd die for real if I made it to the other side and went into the light...? That would be a mind-bender.

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wholegrain said...

Well, here's my theory. That is some badass photoshoppin'. City of lights? Maybe it's like if you fall, you go to heaven, if you get to the end of the bridge you go to heaven, if the guy catches you, you go to heaven. Call me Siggies....Siggies Freud.