Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Your mom

I was in Michigan this past weekend at the ol home of the in-laws. We drove there Friday after I got off work at 9:30 in the pm, so we went straight to bed when we got there. I forget many parts of my dream, but I do remember two highlights. Picture this.
I am in Dick's Sporting Goods walking around. I become excited when I come upon an area where a speed gun is set up for people to find out how fast their tennis serve is. I don't have a racket, so I just pick one up and begin to serve when someone starts yelling at me. I realize that I have this guy's racket and he doesn't want me to have it. So I drop the racket and run because the guy is chasing me.
After rounding a corner in the store, I suddenly find myself at Auntie Anne's (the pretzel place in Glenbrook Mall). I am suprised to see Matt's mom working there. We start talking and she tells me how proud she is of Matt. She says that Matt is in Africa and he led six people to the Lord the previous week.
That was about the time I remember smelling bacon and that was the end of that dream.

Monday, July 18, 2005


I dreamt that Amanda was pregnant and so was my mom. Even though that was totally weird and impossible, I was more excited to have a brother than a kid of my own. Yikes.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Once Upon a Time in China III

So Last Night Jordan and I went to see "Kung-Fu Hustle". First of all, recommended if you liked Shaolin Soccer or anything funny. So as the dreams came to my sleeping body there was a lot of sweet Kung Fu to be had.
Jordan said I was talking a lot in my sleep. I dreamt that I was fighting like in Crouching tiger where I could kind-of fly/float and I was really sweet at blocking every punch/sword/kick..etc. Then I was watching another two of my apprentices fighting on some tree branches while I was sitting crosslegged on the top of a castle, floating. I also realized that I looked like that old master from KillBill2. Long white moustache and everything. The more I fought the more I could float and jump really slowly and high. I woke up like five time fighting though. Jordan was probably pissed cause of all the talking. Weng Po-Kim!!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Secret of Nimh

Last night I had such a long dream I was more tired when I woke up. Dang!
Well, the part that I can remember now is the end when I went to find my Dad who had been missing for weeks. I discovered hundreds of people dressed in 1800's clothes all migrating towards a barn with a roped off place for standing in line like at Cedar Point or something. I was trying to stay hidden because this was scary and I was spying so I didn't want anyone to see me. I snuck to where I could see where the line led to and it went down these underground stairs into an underground building like an old church where they were having a service and it was totally cultish/scary as hell. My dad was down there cavorting and talking with people so I got his attention and said, "Why are you here, Mom needs you at home, this place is wack."
He replied that he was trying to work undercover with this cult and help them become Christians. He went on to say things that implied that he was never coming back and that this is what God wanted him to do. Also, he told me that if they found out he was a Christian he would be killed and if they saw me they would kill me. It was all very very sad and I left the farm/underground church in tears.

I can't remember anything else except for sleeping in lots of abandoned trucks the rest of the dream.

Also found this link that is quite necessary to read and try.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Kings of the Beach

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I had a dream that I was meeting some family members on a resort on a beach. Played some board games, threw some crap off the balcony (including and orange station wagon). The car sunk into the beach deeper than this picture but also came out of nowhere.

Found out this resort was deserted like Jurassic Park. Except for some group of high schoolers who would taunt us from the bottom of some stairs. One of them came up the stairs and I kicked him in the head until he fell down, I was scared he would kill us. But then I was scared that I killed him, and also that he was my friend in high school. It was a lot longer, but I've tried to post it twice and also can't remember anymore.

Happy Three Rivers Festival.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


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So Here's the new dream. Last night. I'm riding my bike down this interstate on the shoulder and I remember that I have something to do that I hadn't yet. So at the next underpass I drive off into the country on some red dirt roads that I remember driving on in Minnesota when selling books. Except that I'm in like Africa or Indonesia, basically somewhere I haven't been before and my bike is really hard to pedal. One of the wheels are bent and I have a long ways to go. The reason it seems like another country is because there are little villages and everyone lives in huts, with straw roofs. And everyone either looks East Asian or African right down to the clothes.

Anyway, I go to this village to pick up Amanda on my bike to go to work because she doesn't have a bike and mine has pegs to stand on. We start off through the busy area and some guy with a mask jumps on with a gun behind amanda and says to take him somewhere or he'll shoot me. I'm trying to get him to change his mind because I can't be late for work again, I might get fired. After about 3 miles the wrong way he gets off for a 10 dollar bill I gave him. The bike is so bent that I can barely pedal now. Amanda and I set off back the right way towards town and something tells me Stacy is missing. What? It's that boyfriend of hers who I went to high school with! What was his name? He was the one who was all into hip hop and got famous, was it Humpty? Was it Naughty by Nature. Was it that chubby guy from De La? We asked around and the neighbors were like, "You got the cd right there, man." I look down and I'm holding a burnt Prefuse 73 cd. So we take off to rescue her but I still feel scared because now I'm really late for work.