Friday, May 06, 2005

Puppie Suprise

Alright, so here's the deal. I'm writing this to Kurzen, cuz I think he's the only one who knows about this anyway. I had a dream last weekend that was the ulimate. I didn't write it down and I am pissed about that. Anyway from what I can remember, I had to be in this amateur horror movie that was at this high school in the desert.
The main part I remember is that the shoot went all wrong, if you will, and things started to really happen. Not like murder or anything but in one scene there was this huge dog that looked like a Pound Puppie® plush toy that I had when I was a lad. But the thing was he was chasing me and foaming at the mouth and I was really really scared. Then while he was chasing me down this long hallway there were these creepy voice and all these feathers and heads off of little pound puppies came raining down on our little chase scene. Wicked huh? Anyway, I'm not good blog subject matter.

Last night, I had another dream. I was at college and Abbie Rodgers, Greg Powell, Chase Verba, who in this dream was like this young kid who was like following me like jobshadowing my life or something, ( Let's just say I was a big influence on the guy) were hanging out along with some other random unknown co-eds.
I was also playing basketball on the team at the time and for some reason was loving that. (Andy, you and I dream about that too damn often.) There were some hoop dreams with live game action that I'm just going to choose to forget. Anyway, we were all hanging out in this library that was like an elementary school's library and doing some group project, when I just decided to walk around.
I was looking through some books when I found some book that I obviously loved when I was a kid, I don't know what I was but it was like a 60 page geography book with one of those very ages covers. I pulled it out and everyone was awestruck that I had done so. When I opened the book this huge gust of windy misty smoke would shoot out of the binding like a train's whistle and the book would start flapping these beautiful wings, that somehow I had not managed to see earlier.
Everyone was insanely amazed at this book. I just played it off like that's normal and "yeah, it'll do that." was kinda my only vibe. Soon we were all bored with the book which is insanely dumb because of it's enormous entertaining value, but I checked it out from paco's mom and we went out to play in the park. Then, the rest of the dream, everytime people would laugh I would open the book so that people would laugh more. Kinda like farting. . . Jordán.

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