Friday, September 09, 2005

Crack & Stephen King

I feel like I'm on crack sometimes when I remember what I've dreampt the night before.... here's one such example from last night.

It opens up in this little podunk town, and I see an old high-school friend of mine walking down the street, donned in a tuxedo, along with the rest of his wedding party. We didn't say anything to each other. I walk past them & go down the street a bit more, and some jack yells from the bed of a pickup truck, "You're a drunk who drinks alone!" I'm thinking to myself, "This guy has obviously mistaken me for someone else," but I was offended nonetheless.

I get in my Tahoe with a friend of mine who has no face, and we leave town. On the edge of town, we see this huge line of cars coming towards town, like at the end of Field of Dreams. I knew somehow that they were all hunters & fishermen, and since they belonged to this town whose citizens were so rude, I thought, "I should put 'DNR' (Department of Natural Resources) on the side of my truck and block the road." And sure enough, "DNR" appeared on the side of my truck, and I blocked the road. I was pretty happy with what I'd done.

The road gets backed up for miles & miles, and all the hunters' and fishermens' kids get out of the cars and start running & playing in a grassy field that was next to the road. The field was filled with piles of tiny dead chickens, with the feathers already plucked out, and the kids arranged themselves like they were going to play baseball. They skewered all these chickens and were holding them like bottle rockets, and the "pitcher" shot them at the "batter", but the batter didn't have anything to hit with, so the chickens just whizzed by & hit the catcher in the chest.

I'm standing there watching this all transpire, and none other than Stephen King walks up beside me and says to me, "This is great stuff -- I can use this." Then I woke up.

One of the more bizarre dreams I've had in a while, I have to say.


wholegrain said...

Absolutely frickin' beautiful. I would love to see those kids play in a field all nice. Once I played in a field, once I was a kid. You're catching right on to this dream diary dude.

burzen said...


burzen said...

Okay, now that is one sweet dream-bag.
Hey, Elden- Congrats on getting married!
I was in a wedding the same day so we couldn't come...

You need to have more dreams like these.