Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Depot Blues

I dreampt (dreamed?) that I got transferred from the Home Depot I'm with now to a really, really ghetto Home Depot in the 'hood. It was like I got transferred from one prison to the other... I was shackled, and they led me inside and I had to go through this jungle of fans (the air-pushing kind) that were covered with little wood planks to get to the main room of the store. When I got there, it was dark & gloomy inside, like an abandoned warehouse, and all the workers -- who were all big black dudes -- were gathered around this big makeshift table, talking. My phone rang -- it was Liz -- and they all made fun of me for having a girly ringtone (I have her ringer set to "Feur Elise" so I'll recognize when she calls). Then, as they were all joking around at my expense, they left the table & went to these lockers against the wall to get dressed for the football game. Yeah, the football game. They're all getting strapped up with pads & helmets, then one of them turns around with this crazy look in his eye, and he runs up to me & plants his helmet in my forehead.

That was it.

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wholegrain said...

yikes! Was it Christian Okoye?