Friday, December 09, 2005

Notes 'bout Recent Dreams

Last five nights, five dreams. Yikes. Two are already written in stone on here. The others are relatively lame 'cept one. Lame ones first bad-a one last.

1. Last night involved a walk downtown at night. There was a guy who was homeless and really skinny and kinda old who would always try to be my friend when I would walk and stop to talk to him. But then he would always try to hurt me. Like throw punches or something, but I would never get mad. One time I was walking my some old lady friend's house and he was there with a handgun and sock cap. We started chatting and then he pointed the gun at me to shoot me. I did a sweet Jackie Chan move and grabbed the gun and pulled the "top" off so he couldn't fire it. He just leaned back against the house while the lady who lived in the house gave him a talking to.

2. Amanda's sister and brother in-law bought Professor Lee's house outside of Huntington. (My family used to go over there every week for 4th through 8th grade). Except it was totally crappy. All the walls were just concrete block and the roof was a poorly set up tarp. The floor was wet and just crappy and the whole yard was horrible. I was mad at them because they bought the house for a lot of cash, and got ripped off and they are in real-life not well-off financially with two little girls who now have to live in a crappy swamp.

Alright here's the top dream besides the bull/kitten one.
Amanda's three year old niece was a teenager and we were going to visit her. To get there we had to appear in a shrub/3-4 foot tall bush in their back yard. Brayden (the niece) was one of those depressed teens and her mom was Abby Acres(Myers) and her dad was Mike Golic from ESPN radio. Yeah radio. They took us into their house and showed us around and introduced us to Bob Golic, Mike's brother, who we'd be staying with. This place was like a huge huge hotel suite with like 4 rooms with all grey walls with nothing on them. The place was really odd but also felt kind of normal. Then Brayden and parents had to leave for something so we watched them disappear into the bush in the backyard. We went back inside to hang out with Bob who had started digging/piling black bricks from the floor in the middle of the hallway, really black bricks. The floor was made out of black bricks. Black Bricks. It's a sign. I asked him if he needed any help, he said he was fine, he could manage alone we were guests. We found out they were charging us to stay there, too.

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erica*ann said...

are boys the only ones who have dreams?