Thursday, October 06, 2005

Matrices or Pericles?

There was this giant maggot/larva/bug beast that was sucking in all these smaller wormy bugs through various holes/orifices/orificium as well as these people that were around, although i didn't actually see that happen. I thought to myself how much like the Matrix it all was (now I realize that it was not at all like the Matrix). Then I was inside this fairly dark but well carpeted circular hallway/basement/stairwell that went up and up and I knew there were poisonous gases in the air on the first three floors/levels. So I made my way up many flights of stairs on my hands and knees, and then there were people doing accounting or something.
Later I was hanging out with Arcade Fire (who were made up of three or four high school-ish kids) in my great-grandma's old house (not really) and asking if they were going to buy it since they played there every time they were in that town.
I don't think they were going to.

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wholegrain said...

I think that my dreams have been getting more like this one (in the way that nothing makes sense). I hope my dream memory is still working. I go in cycles.