Wednesday, July 06, 2005


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So Here's the new dream. Last night. I'm riding my bike down this interstate on the shoulder and I remember that I have something to do that I hadn't yet. So at the next underpass I drive off into the country on some red dirt roads that I remember driving on in Minnesota when selling books. Except that I'm in like Africa or Indonesia, basically somewhere I haven't been before and my bike is really hard to pedal. One of the wheels are bent and I have a long ways to go. The reason it seems like another country is because there are little villages and everyone lives in huts, with straw roofs. And everyone either looks East Asian or African right down to the clothes.

Anyway, I go to this village to pick up Amanda on my bike to go to work because she doesn't have a bike and mine has pegs to stand on. We start off through the busy area and some guy with a mask jumps on with a gun behind amanda and says to take him somewhere or he'll shoot me. I'm trying to get him to change his mind because I can't be late for work again, I might get fired. After about 3 miles the wrong way he gets off for a 10 dollar bill I gave him. The bike is so bent that I can barely pedal now. Amanda and I set off back the right way towards town and something tells me Stacy is missing. What? It's that boyfriend of hers who I went to high school with! What was his name? He was the one who was all into hip hop and got famous, was it Humpty? Was it Naughty by Nature. Was it that chubby guy from De La? We asked around and the neighbors were like, "You got the cd right there, man." I look down and I'm holding a burnt Prefuse 73 cd. So we take off to rescue her but I still feel scared because now I'm really late for work.

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