Saturday, June 25, 2005

I slept till 11:15 this morning on the living room floor...on purpose.

Two dreams, thank the Lord. The first one started with a call to watch my grandparents house while they went on vacation. So I had to run to Kansas. When I got there it was really foggy and still. I started walking through this forest in the middle of town that was only one city block and saw the college on the other side. Tabor College. I started throwing a frisbee because it was boring walking and then I decided to jog. I kept jogging all over town, which looked like that downtown strip in Huntington. It started getting dark and like foggy dewey and I still hadn't gone out to the house. I kept passing girls from high school while I was running. So I ran faster. I was running at like top sprint speed but not barely even trying and I was catching up to my ex-girlfriend, at least it looked like her from the back but I wasn't sure. I crossed the street and ran past her on the other side and didn't look back to see if it was her because I didn't want to know.

Then I finally got to the house which was out in the country. I went in and all I can remember it having was a toilet and washing machine. When I came out it was morning and still foggy but I looked out side and it was just mud for as far as I could see in every direction. Then later, my cousin/Matt Loshe was there and he was talking about having a house party while he was sitting on the toilet and pooping the nastiest loudest deluge of poop ever. I went home walking along the highway, looking at building and trees.

2nd dream: you should watch this after, it had this feel to it.

I had a dream that I was like a youth pastor or something and I had like a missionary mentor. He lived in some third world waterworld like place where he had a team of people to help with stuff and I went to visit him, kind of with my parents, kind of alone, you know, I don't really know. He had sent me an invitation to visit him. It had said on one side:one visit to me for your birthday, and on the other side: Stevens' 10th Anniversary. Obviously meaning Sufjan. When I got there he was all happy to meet my family and at the same time really weird to me like he was embarrassed that he had sold out or something. Very cloudy dreams. I realized later that everyone in that dream had some sort of electronic device as part of their body. That's where that video link came in, it was part of the Animation Show.

I love you guys

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