Monday, September 12, 2005

Feelin' Hothothot

So, I had this two days ago but didn't have a chance to write it until now. It started with an old abandoned house and everything was shades of grey with some blues. There were lots of people that I knew who looked sick. I didn't know what we were doing, but supposedly we were waiting for breakfast that never came. All of a sudden the sun comes out and this like gameshow host/athletic trainer comes out from some trees with a microphone. He announces that there will be a competition in which we will be divided into couples and will have to go through this obstacle course and dangerous journey all mixed up into one. Then I notice that Amanda is my partner and the tree open like a curtain on a stage and we see this mountain/volcano and forest and river is our course.
We take off and lots of the couples are hilarious mixes. Phillips is with Pat Riley, Stephen is with Bowser's son from Mario World. Amanda and I are doing well over the rolling logs on the river and through the hiking trails. I realize that people are just randomly eliminated by just laughing really hard and turning around with arms around each others shoulders. When we get to the middle of the mountain, we have to enter into this volcanic entrance where it is kind of like the place where Froto goes to throw the ring into the fire. Except we have to walk across the lava for like 4 miles. The only way you could walk across was if you held this cold bottle of vodka and every step you took would instantly freeze the lava. I made it about halfway when Amanda and I were like, this is soo dangerous.

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