Monday, October 10, 2005

On Broadway

I slept for 12 straight hours on Saturday. During that time, I was transported to a dream.
I had decided to leave wherever I was from and move to New York to become a star something, artist, actor, something. I got there and moved into this place that was nasty and met up with amanda somewhere. I couldn't get a job and gradually ran out of money and had to live on the street. I was called into a meeting which I thought was an interview, but actually was a huge con-artist agency. They had been hiring people who couldn't do anything else right, pretty much. When I went for this interview it was in the middle of a courthouse with like some official seal on the ground in the middle of the floor in some mosaic pattern. There was a group of like 100 people in suits watching this from a dark area behind us. It was like I was joining a cult and they were witnesses. I was rather scared.
So my job became a rep for a design place and I would go to these people and con them into thinking the brochures and stuff were real and awesome. Not like bad design or ideas, but fake like the paper would break and the cd's didn't work. I wore a suit and at my first job they found me out to be a con. I ran out and into the street and immediately was in some dirty ratty torn clothes and Amanda and I were in the street and some cop was coming to arrest us because for some reason we just started making out on the sidewalk.

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