Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems?

I was dreaming craziness last night (might've been the Mexican food I ate).... I'll try to remember most of the details, on this, my virgin post.

So I'm in this fairly new & completely ginormous house with a guy that looks just like a former boss of mine -- a complete jackass, by the way -- who had just robbed a large bank and had millions of dollars with him. He offered me $1 Million to take the money and keep it safe at my house, because he thought authorities would soon be looking for it there. I agreed, and it flashes to this house that is apparently mine, and my wife & I are up in the attic staring at all the money in this huge duffle bag. For some reason, we can only see the $1 Million that is ours (I must've hid the rest really, really well), and I'm rattling off all of the things that we can now pay off with the money... all the while sweating bullets because I know we're going to get caught. My plan was to hurry up and pay off all my debts before anyone caught us with the money -- that way, at least I'd be a convict with no debt.

When I woke up, I was pissed because I realized there was no big bag of cash in my attic. Only debt and a job at the Home effin' Depot.


Anonymous said...

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wholegrain said...

Whhoooooaaaahh! This trout fishin dude IS the deal. What's with all this bulk comment shiz on here the last two posts. Tickin' me off.

Diggs, good first post, maybe the money has been put up in a trust fund for little Christian. How's Home Depot? How do you do pics? I do that flicker crap most the time. Debt is truly a four-letter word. And so is chin. Hmmm.