Monday, January 16, 2006

Too much 24 + Too much Devendra Banhart = Awesome Dreams

Here's my first contribution. While I normally don't get the benefit of long narrative shaped dreams, I've been getting a lot of sleep lately which helps...

The dream started with a K-Mart being taken over by terrorists. I'm not real sure of the specifics but there were a bunch of guns and smoke grenades. I was working for some sort of security company where the primary part of our job was driving around in these cars and carrying these guns. One of my Wendella Boat captains was my partner and he was giving myself and another worker in another car a lecture about always taking breaks in such a way that we could hop back into the car at any moment. Apparently if a situation were to develop it was crucial that we be in the car. Anyway, he was giving us this lecture in the Walmart parking lot, across the way from the K-Mart that was just taken over. Also, there were a bunch of people standing outside the Walmart, I guess just hanging out and whatnot.

So we're just standing there, having a break, being in a position to easily re-enter the car if need be. At this point some of the terrorists from the K-Mart noticed all the people standing around outside the Walmart and decided to toss some grenades across the street at our parking lot. Noticing this and the forthcoming explosions that would come, I took of running as fast as I could away from the Walmart. The explosions started going off and I turned around (I was able to get out of the parking lot and into some grass) and noticed that while lots of things were burning, no one else had moved. There was some chaos, some burning people, but my partner was standing next to our security car with his arms crossed and he was shaking his head at me, ashamed that I abandoned the car. Knowing that I couldn't go back after making such a shameful decision I walked down this hill.

Somehow by the time I got down the hill everything turned into a different world. Everything was darker but it felt more like we were just inside (but in a building that was big enough to be set up like it was outside) and there weren't enough lights on. Once I got downstairs I met up with some dudes that were giving me an update on the current events. Apparently the terrorists were, according to my buddies, "mainstream" and they were declaring war on all the "hippy kids." As I came to find out, we were all apparently friends and the "mainstream" where our old friends who didn't like being hippies anymore and wanted to listen to different music and thought that the new Devendra record sucked. Yup.

So this war was raging, and many events unfolded, including several "attacks" with weapons that were more like paint ball then bullets. There was a huge shoot out where Greg Pupecki, another boss from Wendella Boats, was dressed like a clown. The culmination, though, was when word was received that Devendra was coming to town to do a concert with Six Organs of Admittance. Everyone was freaking out because apparently the "Mainstream" guys saw Six Organs of Admittance as one of their bands and we saw Devendra as our fearless leader. The people on our side couldn't believe Devendra liked Six Organs of Admittance. (as an aside, having seen these two in concert together a while ago, I would say that anyone liking Six Organs of Admittance in concert were at least a little crazy, though the albums are nice)

SO the battle was really heating up. I remember I was unhappy about it all because I liked some of the "Mainstream" guys, but was loyal to my hippy bros. There was an extended break in the fighting at which point the "Mainstream" guys decided to make a secret attack, leaving thier K-Mart station and sneaking into our complex. They found me all alone in the middle of the room and started throwing darts at me. I was eventually pinned to the ground with darts in every part of my body. It was actually pretty scary. The darts each had notes attached to them for everyone in our crew. They were all friendly make up sorts of notes. I woke up from my dart comma as the letters were being read and then everyone became friends and waited for Devendra to get there.


wholegrain said...

Totally rad first dream to post. Keep it up up up. Also, was I one of the mainstream friends or the hippy kids. That's right. Unclassifiable. Baaaaammmm!!!

Jake Sikora said...

umm...i don't think any real friends were in it except for a couple of boat people. so you are unclassifiable but certain people who would clearly be on a side weren't in it at all. so boo-ya