Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i ain't got no hump

hello, all.
i'm new and a girl. apparently, girls ARE allowed to have dreams. so, bravo for that. also, many accolades to the starters of this dream-y bloggy snog. let's hope it continues and continues to grow and flourish. Amen.

my latest dream that i remember was incredibly beautiful and there are mixed up scenes like someone picked up a jigsaw puzzle and dropped the pieces everywhere ((even on my face)).

but, andy and i were in this mall of sorts. it was huge. it blew Mall of America to bits how big it was. there were trees in the middle and a huge cafe with nothing but windows looking at the ocean. andy and i split up in the mall, he was going somewhere and i needed something else. but i made sure to tell him to call me if he ate at that cafe. as i was on my way, all these guys were giving me their phone numbers. i took one. he had dark hair and he was in the camping section ((it should be noted that the camping section was really outside and he ws really camping)). then, i walked through the cafe and there sat andy with amanda, matt and some other girl. i started crying and dropped all my shopping bags. i wanted to tell him that i only took one phone number and he's eating/cheating on me. boo.


i continued dreaming that i switched bodies with a humpbacked whale. and it was amazing. i was swimming so fast. and i was only slightly worried that i would never get my body back, but then i remembered that that's just how things go.. and i would most certainly get my body back. so instead of worrying about me, i wondered about the whale because i have gone swimming before and i know how to walk, but the poor guy can only swim.


wholegrain said...

Welcome, ma'am. Brilliant voyage you had there. The rest is history.

Anonymous said...

so thoughtful... to put the whale before yourself.