Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's the question that drives us.

Last night I had a dream similar to one that I’d had before, but it was altogether different. It was set in this old abandoned building, very dark, which was like a warehouse or an old school or something... It had lots of stairs. Turned out the whole dream was pretty Matrix-esque. Matrix-esque in the fact that I could bend the rules of gravity, jump down hundreds of feet through the middle of stairwells without getting hurt, and take digital form and travel through land lines. There were all kinds of wires all over the place, and anywhere there was a set of lines that wasn’t covered by the rubber/plastic coating that most wires are protected by, you could clip in and go anywhere the lines went. Sometimes you ended up where you intended, and sometimes you didn’t. I was somehow affiliated with this group of young guys, all of whom could do the same things I could... It’s like we were the only ones who realized we could do these things and actually practiced them. And we were being run around by an evil force that was trying to exterminate us because we figured out we had these powers. Were we going to use them for good? I don’t know... I was too busy being chased around to know. But it was a nice change to be able to flip/fly/run/jump with reckless abandon, considering in most dreams I feel like I’m running through water with cement legs.


wholegrain said...

I had a dream once where I was Neo and I got shot like in the end of that first movie and I could feel the bullet go in my chest and the blood trickle down my chest. I really thought I was dying. I've never had a dream actually hurt like that. It hurt for real and I woke up breathing so hard.

Anonymous said...

That's because you're The One.