Friday, January 27, 2006

The Saddest Bus only goes to the North Pole

Well, this is very weird, sorry my dreams are always so long. I don't know what the problem is. You WILL forgive me after this one, though.

Amanda and I had to stay a week at Jerome Bettis house the week before the super bowl. I for some reason didn't like him so I had to stay at his house with him and his family to see what kind of person he is. (Weird already because I think he's incredible.) Anyway, Tom Brady hated him too and had to stay with us. Supposedly New England was playing the Steelers in the Super Bowl and I HAD to pick who I liked and write a huge story about who I liked and why after the week.

Anyway, the house was not huge but if you went out of the front door it was sunny and warm and Amanda would sun bathe in the driveway. Out the back there were no doors only windows to see and it was an ocean with ice over it all chopped up and there were whales/monsters swimming under the ice with bumpy backs. It was really weird like the house was on the arctic ocean.

Anyway, they had a bunch of kids there that were staying with them, one was this weird white kid who was kind of like that kid from Sixth Sense, you know way too smart and grown up to be a real kid. Anyway, he kept talking to one of the Bettis kids and trying to convince him to do things for him or that he shouldn't. The son kept saying no and Amanda and I were in the basement watching them fight and the Sixth Sense kid stabbed him like twenty times with a dagger. We were soooo frickin' scared. I actually woke up at this point I was so scared...but I fell back asleep and resumed seamlessly.

We went upstairs to call the police and tell The Bettis' parents what had happened and the mom said Jerome had to go to practice so we waited until we got home and actually forgot about the whole murder for awhile. When Jerome got home we had totally forgotten about the actions of Haley Joel Osment, whatever his name is. We were eating dinner and Amanda remembered about the killing of a child we witnessed. We went downstairs and in the closet was the boy. Jerome was crying and asked us who did this. We told him it was the Sixth Sense kid and that he was crazy. Jerome carried his son up the stairs on his shoulder like he was asleep. Found Haley Joel and asked him if he had done it. He said yes and Jerome cried and Tom Brady was crying and we were all just bawling. Jerome forgave Haley and it was so beautiful and there was this instantaneous change in the kid like a demon left him and Haley started crying. Jerome adopted him and then Tom and Jerome had to go to play the Super Bowl. Tom told me, "You have to tell everyone about this man, please do not root for my team, write for the Steelers, they deserve it." As he was talking to me, I was looking out the back window and the ice was slowly melting and the whales were swimming away in single file. So so so sad. I felt like I was going to cry when I woke up.

Please root for the Steelers in the Super Bowl, even though they aren't playing Tom Brady.

This was one of the scariest and saddest dreams I have ever had.


erica*ann said...

that is an amazing dream... i almost cried.

murderbuddies said...

air jordan

Anonymous said...

Jerome seems like a nice enough fella. Did you see that one Punk'd episode where he was at a celebrity golf tournament and Dax (one of the dudes from "Without a Paddle") was interviewing him, & then he asked him to fake tackle him & then he pretended like he got knocked unconscious? Jerome like stuck a 9-iron up his ass to see if he was faking, and Dax took it like a champ... didn't move a muscle. That's quality TV.