Friday, January 27, 2006

roof top bath tubs

The other night i had an amazing farmland dream.. if some of you may not know, my hometown is called farmland... in Indiana.


i was walking south down north main street, right before the railroad tracks. to my right is the antique store and the penny candy store... and right in front of me is this old lady.. she's a mix between faye dunnaway and any stereotypical gardener granny.. straw hat and all. She had this huge horse with her -- it was a chestnutty color with an incredible long mane. there was no verbal interchange, but i knew she wanted me to ride this horse... he was a tennessee walker. (( these two things are significant, because when iwas young i would always fantasize about having a horse.. but never a brown horse and NEVER a tennessee walker.. always a white or black arabian)) i started riding this amazing horse north on north main. he turned down this side street where some crazy people.. and the horse was going to fast.. he got spooked and jumped really high on to the housetops.. where he couldn't get stabilized because there were bath tub like things on the roof for plants. this was unnerving because i was on a huge horse on a roof in bath tub like things.. until he jumped clear across the all the rooftops, landed on the railroad tracks and i rode him back to the old lady.

then i bought andy's old belt, the one that says 'senter daniel senter' on ebay.


wholegrain said...

I thought it was Senter Country Senter.

You have to read my dream too, below this one. It took me so long to post that it went under yours.

Allan Sturm's Blogspot said...

Hi, I'd love it if you would put your dream in my new website !!!!

erica*ann said...

it is COUNTRY.. bOO what an idiot i am.