Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Muncie, Land of African Dreams

Last night was amazing. This picture isn't from my dream but don't you totally want to ride on that boat on the Yangtzee (sp)?

Alright, I was a 9 or ten year old African boy whose dad was a prince and we lived in the desert/mountains in a big mansion made out of a rock with grass for a roof. There was a serengheti tree growing on the roof. The inside of the mansion had all my young friends and most specifically my cousins and aunt & uncle. All the boys were playing in the cafeteria. (This place was kind of like a shopping mall with tons of stairs and no elevator.) Lots of windows and it wasn't hot like Africa would be. All of a sudden, David Allen Grier shows up to chase us kids like he's the clumsy bad guy out of a kids movie. We throw our food on him and he spills in the cafeteria and we all run to the stairs. The stairs are packed with people like in a mall but it's my house. Everyones wasting DAG down the stairs but he's still running hard. I hide and wait for him and trip him and slap him, don't know why, kids movie I guess. Then I sprint down the rest of the stairs and go out the double doors.

When we get outside we hide around the corner of the house where the river meets the pond. This part is awesome, we have a big pond beside our house which is perfectly clear and a big river running a few yards away. There is this awesome dragon in the river and the pond is full of amazing/scary as hell animals and I feel like they are gonna get us. Noone else can see that in the pond there are hippos, crocodiles and huge green snakes. My cousins keep wanting to go swimming but I keep them from doing so b/c of the scary animals. My aunt tries to walk out a ways and doesn't understand why she gets stuck about 3 feet out. She's stuck on a hippos back. So we link arms and pull her and the hippo out and then all of a sudden this heat wave comes and starts to dry up the pond. We all run around & around the pond while it disappears, but all the animals disappear as well. I find out that my dad got a raise and we all chant "Muncie, Muncie" because that's where we would all travel to with the extra money. Don't understand that part at all. Must be better than a mansion in Africa with dragons though.

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Anonymous said...

Mun-CIE! Mun-CIE! Mun-CIE!

That's where I'd go, boy.