Thursday, January 05, 2006

I put the "Ill" in Illegal

I'm on frickin' fire three for three. Last night I dreamed I was with the same cousins as last night but we lived together and Stacy was still in college with her other friends from college. She had these friends who lived together in this big big house. They were all very weird but funny. They would do stuff like have water balloon fights all the time and have spontaneous dancing parties. Wow, crazy huh? Anyway, for some reason my cousin Scott and I decided to go down to the park where we stumbled upon a street hockey game. We were like, "We got next," and got in on the next game. There were all these huge football players and all-around mean looking dudes. Then we go to face-off and Andy Vaught is the leader of their team. He is really mean and nasty and is very horrible to us and explains that this game is for a huge amount of money, which is soooo illegal, which makes me not like him. (I really really like Andy Vaught so tell him about this and let him know it's just a dream...a weird one.) So we get back from the game and go to this house where those girls are having a party. We're out of school and out of place so we go into the back room to watch tv while everyone is dancing and socializing. Then Andy shows up and all the people are like "Yaaayyy, Andy's here." Me and Scott (cousin) are like "He's not who he appears." But everyone gets pissed at us for accusing him of illegal street hockey. So we go into another room where this 4 year old girl is. Her mom is talking to us from the other room so we start to leave except that the little girls hair catches on fire. I watch for a second in disbelief that her mother isn't helping her, and after about three seconds I run over and put it out with my hands and shirt. She then starts loving me way too much and won't let go of my leg. I try to walk with her on my leg but it doesn't work because she's too heavy. Then Andy Vaught comes in the room and we all look at each other and we all say "It's cool, man." Then we hug and all is cool, man.

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