Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to School Sale

Last night I dreamt that I had to back to high school. Not my high school, but Huntington North. And I still had to do my job at the same time. I drove with my grandparents to school on the first day and was greeted my Jana Henley (Mark knows who that is, I think she dated Andrew Lawrence in middle school). There was an underground parking garage that had so many spaces open but I couldn't decide which to use, plus most of them turned out to have the left or right turn only graphic painted in them so they weren't spaces, very frustrating. Needless to say my grandparents were late to class, as was I. Everyone in class had to sit in something like a stone pew shoulder to shoulder in some type of hole while the teacher taught us from above the hole. I kept flashing to my grandparents classroom which was all old coots talking really funny about Christmas movies. I also had that 70's Show Topher guy in my class and I asked him how he worked all day and still stayed in school. He was too crowded to want to talk.

I changed to another classroom that was the druggies classroom on the top floor of the parking garage, the teacher was passing around weed joints and everyone was smoking it and then some old guy did some cocaine off of a dust mop and died. Everyone ran out of the room because they heard the cops coming except some poor kid who tried to hide behind some stone column but they caught him.

So I left for the day at 3 to go to work for 8 hours. I couldn't find my grandparents so I left because I was late. When I got to work, it was locked and boarded up and I tried to pull off the boards because I would rather go to work than that high school. Well, I turned around and there was a christmas parade coming down the street right in front of me. Santa was on his huge sled with this crown/joker hat and looked back at me and said, "Matt, Christmas is in all of us." Then some old man, said "Do you need help getting in the building, it is Chrismas you know?" I just stared while he got out his keys and unlocked the wood planks and the doors and inside we reenacted the scene from It's A Wonderful Life at the end with the bell ringing and the people singing and giving money.

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Anonymous said...

That old guy should've known not to do lines off the dust mop. Idiot.