Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This dream is something very weird and embarrassing (kind of). I was travelling with some friend and we stopped at some hotel one night. The hotel, like most in my dreams, was very communal, very dorm-like social-like. Doorways open, people being cool, etc. The people we shared a room with were Big Boi and Paul Wall. Two rappers one who I love and one I don't know much about except that he has sick fake teeth. They were laying on the bed next to me and my buddy's watching an NBA game. I decided to chill with them and realized that even though they were adults, they were like kid-sized. I started watching the game and said something they thought was really funny and during that game Big Boi and I talked about marriage. I don't know why but we talked about relationship problems and getting married and stuff. We got really talkative and the next day they took off with us.

We travelled in a cart pulled by a donkey through a bunch of wheat fields. I pointed to this beautiful woods/grove and told everyone that that was where I asked Amanda to marry me (it wasn't but I even believed) and they were like, "nice." We rode for hours looking at the land and stuff until we got to a diner that was a mile long and kind looked like a huge Rally's. We went in and sat down to eat and Big Boi pulled me away from the table and asked me if he should get married, asked me about rings, God and all that. I felt very awesome because half of Outkast was my buddy now. The reason I'm a bit embarrassed was that from the first time I saw he was in our room, I really wanted to be his best friend. Awkward, huh?

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Jake Sikora said...

not awkward at all! awesome rallys and new friends are the best.