Monday, January 30, 2006

3 scenes from 3 dremes

Fri: Jordan and I are watching Eminem perform at a county fair talent show-type setting. He's wearing this fuzzy tophat and doing this magic trick where his whole body is buried in the cement floor up to his neck, so that he looks like this little head creature and all the while rapping away. and then at the end of his song, he sinks completely into the floor, and all that's left is this circle of t-shirt material where his head had been. While everyone was distracted, i reached out and grabbed the circle with my foot (i must have been barefoot) and then felt guilty that i should give the shirt circle to Kristine, the sports intern standing next to me.

Sat: I'm just filling in for someone else at a tropical themed zoo/restaurant/snack bar/pet store which becomes a back hallway in my high school. a guy in a suit comes in the door carrying a woman in a red dress like he's carrying a bride over the threshold- but she's not really a girl at all- it's his machine gun in disguise. He shoots some people and I run outside and spray bullets all over what is now my high school parking lot but he only gets wounded and gets away.

Sun: There are some insurgents or terrorists or just bad guys attacking a cabin. so i run and dig myself underneath this car that's half-buried in gravel. There's one other guy hiding there, but he doesn't mind. then we are somehow inside the car which is a station wagon and is half full of gravel also. we just lay on the gravel and pretend to be dead and the guy next to me looks at me and it's Dwight from The Office. They don't catch us, even though they scraped off the sunroof to get a good look. and i think they were actually in the car, but we fooled them.


wholegrain said...

Holy crap those are awesome scenes from dreemes! Yes! Good work sir.

Anonymous said...

i like eminem's token appearance.