Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hot for Teacher

I was dreaming that I was getting a tour of some town or something from my friend Sean from high school. We went to the principal of Amanda's school's house, who I've never met, only heard about. When we went in on her front door was a legal notice that she has killed 12 men for a 2000 dollar fine for each offense. She didn't care who knew. She would find men who had assaulted girls or just plain treated them badly, seduce them, and then bring em home and kill em. Bam! $2000, well spent. Well, Sean seemed like he was dating her which scared the heck outta me. So I ran out the door to the back yard where some of my friends and Amanda were there playing wiffle ball. Behind her house there was a mud field so I couldn't run that way. I grabbed Amanda and tried to leave but I kept having to go in for people in the game like to bat or to pitch, whatever. I told Amanda what her teacher was doing, and she was like "whatever". She didn't believe me. But I did get a triple...NOT!

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