Friday, March 03, 2006

two mouth dreams

last night:

i was in this sorta' store with wood paneling walls -- me and dr. brautigam. we weren't together, it was just a coincidence that we were both there at the same time. we started talking about dusty, except the whole time my soul is filled with dread because my front right tooth is loose.. and just that one. and not just loose, grossly ready to fall out. it would move in place. finally, dr. brautigam asked me what was wrong.. and i grabbed on to it and pulled it down, in tact, completely out of my head.. it was like 4 inches long and at the tip top of the root, it was all decayed and weird. then, i tried putting it back into my head and that didn't go so well. the whole time i'm thinking, i wish i could find a dentist... then i started crying.

the other night:

i was at my dad's house, in the upstairs bathroom waiting on something. i didn't really know what. then suddenly i was in my old room at my dad's house sleeping. these two guys woke me up to go with them somewhere. i didn't know them, but i wasn't scared or nervous. another thing is, i could tell that they were gay together -- which was totally fine with me. and one of them, the one with blonde hair, asked me if i wanted to see his pet. so, i said yes. he opened his mouth and this huge centipede came crawling out his mouth.. it had long antanee and in all it was about 8 inches long. i asked him, isn't it too long to live in your mouth. he said no, its body just falls down his throat or it just curls up.

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wholegrain said...

You should definitely write lyrics for metal bands. Amazing insane Tim Burton movie dreams. Right on.