Friday, March 10, 2006

Matt says, Aaaaaauuughh

Phillips and I were staying in this hotel that was like a sweet domed awesome expensive hotel. We were running from someone and I didn't know who or why but we were layin' low for awhile at the four seasons, I guess. We were walking through the inside courtyard when the ceiling came to life and turned into a tornado/thunderstorm and that was a sign that "the evil" was near. (This meant that what we were running/hiding from was coming). It was so scary. We started running out of the hotel in pure horror. Except that when we saw the entrance to the hotel the man was coming in. We both screamed and I grabbed a sword off the wall and swung it at the man who looked totally like Eugene Levy without glasses. I missed the first time and swung down onto his head the second time and sliced all the way through his body. He was made of styrofoam. We then realized he was like the Terminator in T2 where he heals himself in time. So I sliced him into like 12 pieces to buy us some time and ran out the door.

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erica*ann said...

i like self healing