Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Aye Yay yi

So My sister and I were in a car following my mom in a car and we were going somewhere. My mom turned off on the wrong street and we had to turn around. Stacy and I were like, gosh, mom always goes the wrong way. So we turn around, and to get back onto the main street, there is a median like at the entrance to HC with the left side for people coming in and the right side for people leaving that street. My mom goes to the left and we're like, dang it mom, wrong again. We go to the right so we're next to her car on the other side of the median and we're yelling at her to turn right when we see this huge pickup truck coming straight at her car from the side and doesn't slow down and totally crushes my mom's car between the median and the truck. The pickup driver doesn't even care he just sits there expressionless not backing up while stacy and I are screaming all the cuss words ever at him that he just killed our mother. I get so pissed that I get out and walk over and punch through his window and grab him by the neck and pull his whole body out of the window and slam him down on the ground and punch his head into the street until the ambulance arrives. However, when I start to punch him I realize that I'm dreaming and have a huge guilt trip about killing this guy and also a feeling that I couldn't have punched through that window without it hurting like hell so I rewind my dream to the part where I get out of the car and I can't decide what to do except get more and more mad and conflicted, until I woke up.


burzen said...

You gotta take advantage of those lucid dreams man!

Anonymous said...

Forreals... beat that arse while you can!