Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Covert Ops

I stayed up way too late playing Splinter Cell with my brother-in-law one night last weekend, and my dreams reflected that. It was pretty sweet, actually, and this has happened to me before... I'll get entrenched in a game or movie and when I go to sleep, it's basically a continuation of what I've been watching the hours before. It was me, all my brothers-in-law, and a bunch of kids from my childhood, and we were at my mom & dad's house in Ohio. They have a pretty big yard & tons of trees & terrain, and we were all out there in the pitch-black night running around & shooting each other -- only we didn't get hurt. Everybody was acting like it did, though. Phonies.

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wholegrain said...

You are so dangerous. Seriously, take care of yourself. I've felt like that in games before.