Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Prankster or Prankee?

The DREAM Team
I was at this really busy Burger King and had a great idea. I figured out that I could just pretend to be going through the line to order and then just follow someone else as if I were with them- without ever ordering or receiving food!! What a sweet hilarious prank, right?
I pulled that one off with no problem, and as I'm walking out I see all these pro football players from 2 or 3 different teams eating in their jerseys, like when you see a high school team after a game.
When I got out to my car, I found these little "ammunition/explosive condiments" packets that were about the size of a ketchup packet. Inside were various sizes of ball bearings/pellets and gunpowder or fuses. I was too scared to open them and couldn't figure out who would have put them there.

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