Tuesday, March 14, 2006

:::warning::: breastfeeding ahead

i had a baby and the baby was a tiny, beautiful little boy. and i had to excuse myself from the living room of some unknown house to go and feed him. i went into this bedroom with a water bed and i didn't know how to breast feed babies because this baby was very new and somewhat unexpected. and there were difficulties until andy's sister came into the bedroom dressed as a huge dog. she started making my baby laugh instead of cry. and then she told me how to feed my baby.

the bedroom was a combination of tans, browns, creams and reds. it was comfortable..


wholegrain said...

Comfortable, which is more than can be said of all this breastfeeding talk. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

water, milk, and tears....dont drowned today buddy.

mud pies from lungs,