Tuesday, March 07, 2006

erica says, where's my fiance's head?

so, i was in this beautiful country with rolling hills and a mansion on top. on the side of this magnificent mansion, there are loading docks (from the future) for jets. NOT, i repeat, NOT a landing strip.. loading docks. i realized i was engaged to be married and i started feeling very very happy. i started walking around with friends.. then i started sorta' flying and pushing off from the loading docks singing "i feel pretty". everyone thought i was so funny. then, i was automatically transferred to this room... lights were dim and there was my finace.. not andy and another girl. i saw my finace who is nameless try to kill my friend whom i don't know in real life... then.. she pinched off his head. she grabbed him around the neck with her hand and pinched once... deadly.
and there was blood everyone
and i was sad, but relieved that i didn't marry a man who almost killed someone.


wholegrain said...

Did your fiance have lobster pinchers, that would have ruled the school.

I've had so many dreams lately where I've been dunking in slow motion. Seriously. Man it's weird too because noone else is slow motion. I jump so high and they pound it down but sooooo slow like floating not jumping.

Anonymous said...

i dare you to dream about the photos of jesus painted on rocks and ravens over your house. or maybe a fawn that lives in a hollowed out tree trunk. so many sugar cubes!! just planting seeds...that's all.
high fives, sarah