Thursday, March 30, 2006

One To Remember

Ok, I have not posted often, but last night I had a dream to post...

First what should be noted about this dream is that while I was dreaming I kept thinking (IN THE DREAM) that I had to post this for Matt...weird enough.

So I was at Huntington, in Becker hall to visit Norrie, and they were having a Christmas party. But where Norrie's office should have been, there was this huge open office and Cathy, his secretary was there, but Norrie was not. There was a big Christmas tree and Norrie had made a cut-out of himself that was bigger than life size, but only out of paper board, so it was like a white silhoutte, and it was decorating the Christmas tree. And there were all these old ladies that were nicely offering me great desserts, but getting mad at me for making a mess if I ate them...

Then a limo roles up and I get in, I have no idea where I walked to get to the limo, but it was just right there. We instantly were driving through some ghetto where there were all these guys playing basketball on a street corner. My cousin got out of the car and started to play ball, while I just watched. Then I got in another limo and I was in there with a Character from Arrested Development. I think he was Uncle Jake, Martin Short with no use of his legs. Only he was able bodied when we started to drive. We stopped at this place that was like a pontoon ride at an amusement park, but it was like a little river in the ghetto we were still in, going over and between all the trashy buildings. An alligator attacked us, and I got away, but the Martin Short guy had his legs in the alligator mouth hanging from a building trying to get away when I woke up.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Wedding Crashers

Last weekend I was at a marriage conference with Amanda so this was on my mind.

I dreamed that a few of our friends were hanging out at a bar like Club Soda or something and decided that Amanda and I should just get married that afternoon. We totally agreed and Amanda put on this totally beautiful dress and we started to get ready for the wedding. We called our families and friends and were setting up this cool wedding in the middle of the main street in the town we were in. Jordan and Stephen were just playing with tablecloths and drinking wine all day but it was awesome. Some drunk lady in the bar congratulated us by giving us her wine bottle with 1/4 of the wine left and it was actually a really nice gesture in my mind. I gave that to Phillips too. People weren't showing up and strangers and pedestrians were sitting down for the wedding when we decided to have a parade to the wedding. It was sweet, there was a marching band, floats, Amanda, friends, not friends, tons of awesome. My ex-girlfriend showed up and I was actually nice to her and she was happy for me. Everything was so "whatever happens" and sick awesomely comfortable and beautiful. At one point the preacher and choir started the ceremony and me and Amanda yelled "Not yet." Our parents weren't there. Actually was the first happy dream I've had in a long time. Sooo happy.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Covert Ops

I stayed up way too late playing Splinter Cell with my brother-in-law one night last weekend, and my dreams reflected that. It was pretty sweet, actually, and this has happened to me before... I'll get entrenched in a game or movie and when I go to sleep, it's basically a continuation of what I've been watching the hours before. It was me, all my brothers-in-law, and a bunch of kids from my childhood, and we were at my mom & dad's house in Ohio. They have a pretty big yard & tons of trees & terrain, and we were all out there in the pitch-black night running around & shooting each other -- only we didn't get hurt. Everybody was acting like it did, though. Phonies.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Prankster or Prankee?

The DREAM Team
I was at this really busy Burger King and had a great idea. I figured out that I could just pretend to be going through the line to order and then just follow someone else as if I were with them- without ever ordering or receiving food!! What a sweet hilarious prank, right?
I pulled that one off with no problem, and as I'm walking out I see all these pro football players from 2 or 3 different teams eating in their jerseys, like when you see a high school team after a game.
When I got out to my car, I found these little "ammunition/explosive condiments" packets that were about the size of a ketchup packet. Inside were various sizes of ball bearings/pellets and gunpowder or fuses. I was too scared to open them and couldn't figure out who would have put them there.

:::warning::: breastfeeding ahead

i had a baby and the baby was a tiny, beautiful little boy. and i had to excuse myself from the living room of some unknown house to go and feed him. i went into this bedroom with a water bed and i didn't know how to breast feed babies because this baby was very new and somewhat unexpected. and there were difficulties until andy's sister came into the bedroom dressed as a huge dog. she started making my baby laugh instead of cry. and then she told me how to feed my baby.

the bedroom was a combination of tans, browns, creams and reds. it was comfortable..

Friday, March 10, 2006

Matt says, Aaaaaauuughh

Phillips and I were staying in this hotel that was like a sweet domed awesome expensive hotel. We were running from someone and I didn't know who or why but we were layin' low for awhile at the four seasons, I guess. We were walking through the inside courtyard when the ceiling came to life and turned into a tornado/thunderstorm and that was a sign that "the evil" was near. (This meant that what we were running/hiding from was coming). It was so scary. We started running out of the hotel in pure horror. Except that when we saw the entrance to the hotel the man was coming in. We both screamed and I grabbed a sword off the wall and swung it at the man who looked totally like Eugene Levy without glasses. I missed the first time and swung down onto his head the second time and sliced all the way through his body. He was made of styrofoam. We then realized he was like the Terminator in T2 where he heals himself in time. So I sliced him into like 12 pieces to buy us some time and ran out the door.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

erica says, where's my fiance's head?

so, i was in this beautiful country with rolling hills and a mansion on top. on the side of this magnificent mansion, there are loading docks (from the future) for jets. NOT, i repeat, NOT a landing strip.. loading docks. i realized i was engaged to be married and i started feeling very very happy. i started walking around with friends.. then i started sorta' flying and pushing off from the loading docks singing "i feel pretty". everyone thought i was so funny. then, i was automatically transferred to this room... lights were dim and there was my finace.. not andy and another girl. i saw my finace who is nameless try to kill my friend whom i don't know in real life... then.. she pinched off his head. she grabbed him around the neck with her hand and pinched once... deadly.
and there was blood everyone
and i was sad, but relieved that i didn't marry a man who almost killed someone.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I need an ambulance, STAT

So last night I was back in my old hometown, and I was on a little league baseball team. The thing was, I was my current age, but all the other kids were small. Every team was allowed to have one "old" kid, and I was it for my team. So as we were waiting before our game to take batting practice, one of the other "old kids" (who was actually a good friend of mine from high school) crushed a ball over the right field fence and drilled a little kid in the face. They decided he had to go to the hospital, and for some reason, I was the only one in town who knew how to drive an ambulance. So, we loaded the kid up in the back, but then when we (my old h.s. coach and I) got in to take off, it was like we were looking out the back of the ambulance. We had to open the back doors (which were really on the front, as it was) to drive away. Turns out EVERYTHING on the ambulance was backwards. And we couldn't figure out how to turn the damn sirens on.... all we had were the flashing lights. So consequently, people weren't pulling over to let us drive by. I had to just put the pedal to the floor & ram through people. I was actually able to dodge most of them by swerving in & out of traffic, but I Grand Theft Auto'ed a few cars. When we got there, I just drove the ambulance right into the waiting room. They unloaded the kid, and he turned out to be fine.... when they brought him back out, he just had a scratch above his eye. And I finally figured out how to use the sirens as I was waiting.... and I woke up some old bag who was sleeping in the waiting room. When we got back to the field, it was gone and my high school sat in its place. And when we got out of the ambulance, my coach and the kid were gone and 3 of my co-workers got out. The ambulance was all tricked out and we had to go back to work. Got to pay for it somehow, I guess.

Friday, March 03, 2006

two mouth dreams

last night:

i was in this sorta' store with wood paneling walls -- me and dr. brautigam. we weren't together, it was just a coincidence that we were both there at the same time. we started talking about dusty, except the whole time my soul is filled with dread because my front right tooth is loose.. and just that one. and not just loose, grossly ready to fall out. it would move in place. finally, dr. brautigam asked me what was wrong.. and i grabbed on to it and pulled it down, in tact, completely out of my head.. it was like 4 inches long and at the tip top of the root, it was all decayed and weird. then, i tried putting it back into my head and that didn't go so well. the whole time i'm thinking, i wish i could find a dentist... then i started crying.

the other night:

i was at my dad's house, in the upstairs bathroom waiting on something. i didn't really know what. then suddenly i was in my old room at my dad's house sleeping. these two guys woke me up to go with them somewhere. i didn't know them, but i wasn't scared or nervous. another thing is, i could tell that they were gay together -- which was totally fine with me. and one of them, the one with blonde hair, asked me if i wanted to see his pet. so, i said yes. he opened his mouth and this huge centipede came crawling out his mouth.. it had long antanee and in all it was about 8 inches long. i asked him, isn't it too long to live in your mouth. he said no, its body just falls down his throat or it just curls up.