Wednesday, December 13, 2006

where are we - separately

andy and i were in a store very similar to hobby Lobby or michaels looking at crafty things when all of a sudden, i don't really remember anything but being dragged away. then nothing for a bit. except that after a while i woke up in this house. a strange house that i had absolutely no knowledge of... i had a white t shirt on and my favorite sweats, the floors were all wooden and it was early evening, as i could tell because of the way the sun was shining in the windows. everything was very mysterious and i had no idea where i was, where andy was or anything. i walked around in bare feet being really afraid. i remembered that i had my cell phone, so i called andy and asked him where he was, he sounded very confused and he replied that he had no idea.
i remember feeling very confused and afraid.

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